Saturday, December 8, 2018


I've been thinking a lot about life after death and what it's like.  I've never died of course so I don't have any memory of it.

I've been talking to other succubloggers as well and it seems to be the topic of the hour so to speak.

It's funny how topics make their rounds within certain circles.

I know that love spirits live busy lives... I am jealous of those who have had the same spirit for years while I seemingly act as a hot seat for new spirit lovers.

The latest is all I have at the moment (the others left for wherever) and she had asked to simply be called "Lady".

A lady she is, that's for sure.  Very sweet, gentle, and kind like the others were, only in her special, unique way.

I gather from spirits moving in and out of my life that, for some reason, that's what I am pegged as being:  A temporary spot for many over a long period of time.

Lady hasn't gotten involved in my dreams yet, or if she has it has been in a co-pilot kind of way (taking part in the nonsensical nature of them at least).

I would be lying if I said I did not miss the erotic dreams of yore.  I do.  Oh yes, I do.

Lady is an enigma of sorts.  She wears innocence like an aura and a halo and feels rather shy to me.  That's hard to explain with her being in a sensual role of sorts, but it is what it is... and is probably not really able to be explained with simple writing here.

Between my new love and my ever present quest to know what life after death is like (so I know what my future holds), there's not much new happening.

Thank God/dess for that.  Lol.

Blessings Always,

Rafe GB.

And Merry Christmas!

P.S.  Check out this lady... these points address exactly how I'm feeling lately.


  1. I had an experience that let me know a little about death. But I feel like after this experience I know less about it than ever, which is standard for these types of things. I had a heart problem for years now. I tried to fight it but no matter what I did, it always got worse. I also was fighting some rather unsavory spirits. One day I couldn't take it anymore and I put all my attention on getting rid of them. But they didn't want to go. So they hurt me bad. My heart was in agonizing pain and I remember saying "I'd rather die than have things go on like this for even one more day" So I was visited by a soothing lady in a dream. I was in an unusually happy mood. She showed me a video-like story of how a man took care of a child that wasn't his. I laughed and said "I love this" I could feel the innocence in her voice as she said "I showed my husband what you showed me and he liked it!" The one she was talking to said "Ok we have to go now." I was confused. I had no lover at the time. I connected with her for a little just before she left and I felt entranced by her. It felt like what she said was without a doubt true. I spent the day confused and the following night held another visit. The dream was dark at first but when she entered, withering flowers became bright and beautiful roses. And cries became playful laughter. When she spoke to me I could feel the words and see the sound of her voice if that makes sense. She said to me "you don't have to worry about anything. God told me to tell you that everything was going to be okay and you'll be coming home soon." Then she teased my privates a little before I woke. I was ready to die. Being alive was so painful that if I were to die it would have been a mercy. I lived a week or so laying in bed, careful not to move too much because the slightest hair out of place would hurt like hell. It was then I had another visit. I had a dream of a dark place with the slightest sound of a harp in the distance. The harp got louder and found myself in the arms of two women. One was holding my head almost too tight but never too tight. The other rested her head on my stomach and kissed it. No words just love. I woke feeling refreshed and I thought. I'm fine with death but why did I come here in the first place. There was nothing significant I had done to make this whole thing worthwhile. Here I am on my death bed with nothing sticking out at me saying that this was the reason why I was here in the first place. Did I do something that messed it all up? Did my soul just stumble into this body on a whim? That can't be the case. I clearly had a life before this and some beautiful lovers I had to leave behind in order to come here. So I asked myself "Why would someone leave paradise in order to come to this place." Only two answers made sense. Either I went down here to make myself better or to help/make others better. My interest in living for others was little. So If I were to stay. I would live only to develop my soul because that's what really matters in the end. But not for myself. I want to be to best I can be for those girls waiting for me on the other side. So with this driving me three months later I have close to no chest pain and the spirits rarely mess with me.

    1. What an amazing story! I really appreciate you sharing this. There seems to be a whole world out there beyond whether we believe in it or not.

      I can empathize with the idea of coming here to help ourselves rather than others. Regardless the goal of coming here, by helping ourselves we help those within our lives and probably have more positive impact than we really know.