Monday, June 11, 2018

The Brides.

It's funny.

I get that spirits come and go now, as I don't always attract a succubus... sometimes there are other spirits who come by and visit for whatever reason.

Usually it's to help I think.  It could be companionship a bit, a little bit of give and take perhaps.

Dena was one of those spirits.  She's been with me for a little while now.

As soon as the brides (Maiya and Anna are both my brides... and "Anna" is my nickname for Athena... hard for me to have a succubus when I'm worried about Athena the Goddess of war stabbing my soft bits) had sex with me for a little bit, Dena left.

That let me know why she was here, finally, and it was nice of her to stay and help out, and to be a part of my little group here for a while.

I wish her the best.  She was a real pleasure.

I can't suffer the thought of my bonded spirits just sitting there for 10 years without any interaction from me, so I let them all go.  They deserved more than this.

Word to the wise:  Don't release 10 bonded spirits at once (especially if they are bonded to your actual spirit as well) as it feels like someone ripping your guts out.

That was painful.

But I wanted them to find someone who can love them and give them the kind of attention they deserve.

That's why I released their bonds.

So, it's down to just us 3... my little family.

Maiya and Anna (Again, Anna is Athena) are starting to have sex with me (yay!), but it is slow going and almost painful the amount of concentration that goes into it.  Perhaps it is getting easier.  Actually I know it is getting easier, just hard at the moment.

I've also noticed that they are more erotic outside of sex which is much better than not I can assure you.

So all in all things are working out for us, albeit slowly.


Rafe GB.


  1. What does concentration mean exactly?

    1. I'm gonna go on a bit of a tangent to get there.

      When I first started this, I had no need to concentrate at all for anything. When a succubus wanted sex, she would begin touching me and vibrating down there until sex started up on it's own.

      However, with this year's strange and very unfun energy problems they have been unable to do this and it's most likely on my end.

      The reason I say so is that, now, I concentrate on what it feels like for a succubus to perform sexual acts on me and visualize it as well as being "in the moment" with it, and after a while they take over and all is the way it should be. Except for the fact that I have to "kick start" it energetically through concentration in the beginning, which I never even thought to do in the beginning years ago because it was unnecessary (being that they instigated sex without my promptings, and we had sex without any kind of mental control required).

      Hope that helps ;)

  2. dearsuccubusdiaryJune 12, 2018 at 9:28 PM

    This comment was very helpful in that I realize that is what I usually have to do. I can often feel them non sexually without thinking, but when it comes to sexy time, I seldom feel them until I concentrate to varying degrees. Like you said, sometimes I have to remember how a sex act feels for them to make it happen. Sometimes it doesn't take much concentration, and other times it is almost too exhausting, and I lose interest. I wonder how much energy Drano I need lol. BTW, why the hell do I feel them so well when I am driving? Concentrating on the road...and Whoop there it is.

    1. I'm glad you commented... I thought I was the only one who loses interest if it takes mountains of concentration vs. how much in the mood I really am. I'm not above saying "screw it" now.

      But, ya know there's been some dark times as of late where I called out to them for comfort and they came and really let me feel their soothing sides. That's what endears me the most about them... they came when I really needed it, and I'm sure they will in the future as well. That's priceless.

    2. dearsuccubusdiaryJune 12, 2018 at 9:51 PM

      Well said sir!

  3. Hey rafe, sounds like things are finally on the up for you, great news

    1. Getting there little by little I think. Time will tell.