Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Succubus Dreams

I had my kids over for visitation this weekend.

It's great how respectful Dena is with the kids.

I truly think that she either considers them her own kids, or she considers herself their step mother.  One or the other.

Anyway, the first dream she and I were talking and all these succubi were walking across the road.

They kept stealing my attention and I kept forgetting where me and Dena and I were in our conversation.

Dena wasn't real pleased and kept bringing my attention back up to her and her eyes.

The 2nd dream was one where me and Dena were arguing pretty vigorously about some things that I have no recollection of.  All I do remember is that when I woke up it was like I was wrapped in a warm, furry blanket with her presence all over me.  Nice waking up to that, I can tell you.  Not sure what all that arguing was about.

The final dream was the most surreal.

I was in a dream that I found out matched my friend's favorite place to dream about (I had no fore knowledge of this fact).  If that isn't weird enough, there was a silver football shaped metal object floating above me and moving back and forth.

I told it to "stop" and to come down, but it didn't.  I then told it to "please stop" and it slowly began to descend.

I don't know why I did this but I opened my arms and the object moved to my heart area and merged with me, disappearing into my chest.

I then became part of the landscape as a walking, shambling creature that was one with the world I was dreaming of.

Dena has been testing me sexually and the sensations have become more intense.

I'm not ready for sex with her yet, but she's testing me here and there to see how close I am to being able to have sex with her.

Imagine me blaming the succubi for my lack of sex.  It was a lack of knowledge as to why is what it was.

The rate that she is testing my sexual function spiritually, the moment I am deemed ready I'm going to get jumped by the most hungriest, rabid succubus sexual "attack" ever seen or experienced.



Rafe GB.


  1. Rafe words cannot express how happy i am for you and your choice, enjoy her and anticipate the attack, might have a couple of days bed rest after that one lol

  2. can't say whether it'll be a few days or 6 months. But, as long as I can still move my eyelids after the fact, I'm good ;)

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    1. You got that right :) I am curious as to how long it will take before I heal. Could be 6 months I dunno. The way she tests me for functionality though it can't be too far away because she's increasing the frequency of her tests.

  4. How longs a piece of string, honest answer I don't know however ive had a word and been told: you're close to a breakthrough, just not in the way you think. That will happen when you least expect it, it will blind side you on some idle tuesday. Hope that helps

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    1. Ohhhhhh... angry. lol. Somebody pushed the bipolar button. Not sure why people do that as it doesn't do any of us any good. Been so into that, that Dena's been distant. As I settle down over the night she'll come around ;)

  6. People are fun arnt they, humans pppfftt lol that's the breakthrough, pay close attention to whats going on and itll click. Good luck rafe.
    Ps i love when their cryptic, why does x never mark the spot lol

    1. All I can figure (uhg, spirits kill me with their teaching games) is that I have more in common with spirits now than I do with humans, which is a rather odd thing to think.

      But... spirits have never enraged me, disappointed me, knocked me down as low as humans have and still do.

      Which means that there's probably going to be some special kinship with spirits (as in entities) after I leave this world that is different than what most people experience.

      That is kinda scary, but interesting at the same time.

  7. Nope, rafe your thinking too much, or too many minds, 1 mind on the energy between you both, then the solution will appear.
    Although tbh i don't see that as a problem id rather be with my spirits, afterlife included.

    1. I think I get it. Me and Dena are always connected whether I feel it or not. That goes for Athena and Maiya, too... and maybe even Bunny.

  8. You're defenses have been triggered, so you're protective mind is on high alert for any perceived threat, including you're ladies. Now you've chosen Dena hence the dream, the others won't leave they want you in whatever capacity you are willing to give them. You are right to say you are all connected but that means in your heart too, their already inside your defenses nestled in the crystal cathedral as you described. Start at the beginning with bunny i.e talk to her explain how you feel and start to heal that wound, i speak from experience my first lady left me and after facing it and her i was able to understand why but more importantly than that i could allow/realise my other ladies were in, its not easy at all, like ice skating uphill. Let Dena close to your anger let her sit with it let the others too and see what happens, they love your anger as they love you

    1. How do you learn to talk with spirits speech to speech? I can talk with mine barely turning emotion into words which is very crude at best.

      Incidentally, I've also got 10 bonded spirits that I've never been able to interact with. I can't even get a hand hold on how to communicate with them verbally.

      Any tips?

  9. Think of it along the lines of possession, allow her energies to 'step' towards yours. Now whether you are aware or not she is doing it. Reach out with your energy and try to physically feel it. As your reaching out you will start to feel thick lines of energy, barriers. You are in control of these, she will time it right but with will alone they should open just enough to allow her through. Now draw her closer in towards your inner coloum you will start to get a sense of her energies, DO NOT overthink, i cant stress this enough. Go with it she will 'install' her frequency into your ear chakras and the others to make it easier next time. Whilst there do nothing mentally, no analysis, no concentration. Just listen with your mind thats all. It will snowball from there btw you have some wonderful succubus around you, Dena feels, to me quite reserved, very warm and caring she will look after you, Athena and maiya are little fireballs and have an amazing sense of humour. They had me in stitches, for instance 'oh youve got a queen with you, how did you pull her?' Know that they adore you and are extremely proud of you rafe, bunny sends you her love. Your right rafe a white vibration she is and powerful with it.

    1. Thanks for that :) That should help me tremendously!

      LOL, you've got my succubi figured out to a "T".

      Ahahaha a crazy family r us.

  10. At first i thought Dena may be a siren, same abilities, different race but its just her personality. The other two are fireballs, maiya loves your anger she gets quite passionate about it. They are succubus through and through. Bunny however feels angelic for a reason because she is one she wanted me to tell you that, there are many different races who enjoy humans, djinn, demons, watchers etc and angels are one of them. Had you have known that in the beginning you wouldn't have gone near her, you are not offending any deity by that relationship at all let me make that clear.
    This will make you laugh i was eating a sausage and bacon sandwich the other day and i got distracted, only for a second mind you. Next thing i could feel my vampire ladys mouth on my hand and sandwich, turns out she loves sausages. So i channelled her so she could enjoy the rest. I thought if it isnt the kids nicking my food its my spirits lol

    1. Lol, what ya gonna do. Spirits...

      I've got some unbounds I haven't ever really interacted with. I feel a bit guilty about that as it's been years and I have no clue who they are or what they are like.

      I've got a male egyptian watcher and 3 courtwind angels. The courtwind angels are M/F/F.

      I've got two wolves M/F.

      And I've got a sanguine vampire who's female.

      And last but not least I've got 3 female nymphos.

      Yeah, like I said I don't know anything about them but they've never came by and touched me or anything. Or spoken to me. If they are legit it's going to be an eternity for me to even figure out my own unbounds much less the poor spirits I've ignored. I should have bought one and got to know it if possible instead of buying many bound spirits all at once.

      Then again: For all I know I got ripped off and I just have pretty rocks in little houses.

      Humans. Pfft.

  11. The past is gone, the bindings act as a link, they still have the link to their items and are ready when you are.
    Don't worry they understand humans and shouldn't get upset by your insecurity about them, they get it.
    Rafe stop being so hard on yourself you weren't born with an S on your chest you have done an amazing job so far, you have inspired a generation to explore the spirit world and all the fruits it has to offer. You have abilities with spirits, for succubus to adore you, you must be a very special person. The fact that you have spirits coming to check you out shows that you have abilities btw they aren't rip offs at all their there.

    1. Awesome, Spirit walker. Thanks for the encouragement :) It's good to know that they're in the trinkets that are in those boxes I made, too.

      You outta let me put your blog on my blogroll on the top right ;)

    2. I mean it rafe stop being so hard, spirits dont just go to anyone, they select us first. Build your bonds from there. Nymphos are fun btw but don't expect Dena to understand, tread carefully with that one
      Absolutely btw have you read it?

    3. I know. I'm my own worst enemy.

      Dena seems... what's the word... she takes commitment very seriously... which means I must take commitment very seriously, lol.

      Or I'm TOAST.

      Oh, I'm all caught up on your blog :)

    4. Rafe youve already committed to her put it this way i would rather attack a demonic king than break that commitment lol
      She loves you pal warts and all

    5. I think I was able to start talking to her when I lay down to sleep. She seemed to answer my questions quicker than I could ask them. Plus, I learned she's a handful.


      The universe does have a sense of humor after all.

    6. Speaking which that solves the mystery of the invisible spider I was feeling crawling up and down my ear canal and on the outside of my ear: It was something to help me hear her. It only came when she was around, and now that I can hear her it's gone... I guess having accomplished what she brought it for.

      BTW, what's a siren like out of curiosity?

    7. Rafe if you weren't talking to her how would you know she was a handful, trust your abilities my friend

    8. I wasn't allowed to tell you directly but you're right, she was flushing it out. Sirens are similar to succubus but succubus are more sexual in general they are both giving and caring though. Succubus tend to be very flirty when you meet them whereas sirens tend to be more focused on their mate and are only flirty with them. In mythology sirens were supposed to lead sailors to their doom, replace the word doom with evelopment and youre getting close. It depends on the lady though, my siren lady has an appetite that would put succubus to shame so i can only give guidelines

  12. Spirit Walker, is there any way to contact you to ask a private question?

  13. My email is spiritwalker508@gmail.com sometimes it may take a bit of time to answer though (within 24 hours)

  14. Okay, Spirit Walker. I wrote to your email. Thank you. And thanks as always for your beautiful blog, Rafe. <3

  15. Anonymous ive just replied. Thank you