Monday, February 19, 2018

"Oh, Mother"

Sometimes those of us who have a succubus feel compelled due to a buildup of energy to talk in tongues.  Luckily it never happens when I'm in public and the like... which is probably due to the fact that she doesn't dwell intimately with me and close to me giving that energy unless we are alone.

I always start speaking in tongues using a single phrase.

My friend did a little research and it translates to:  "Oh, Mother".

It must be praises or salutations or perhaps even my soul calling out to Lilith.

The connection between a succubus and Lilith is strong it seems, and affects us greatly when we share our lives with one of Her daughters.

Maiya has been very close to me as of late, after being gone for a few days to do whatever it is she does during her short trips away.  Maybe she has duties in Lilith's court.  Maybe she visits family... I've heard from others that family is very important to a succubus and those ties are stoked in the fires of love, duty, and honor to keep those connections tight and meaningful.

Maiya's a good girl and definitely follows a path one would expect honoring those traits.  How a succubus can be such an honorable, loving soul and yet radiate such darkness that at times it is uncomfortable to be close is beyond me.

What it has taught me is that light and dark do not always mean good and evil, if those concepts appear to in this world, which may be true enough, but not the universe at large.

No, it is simply a type of energy.  Maiya can radiate either angelic unconditional love or demonic passion.  How a being can contain and radiate that kind of energy with that intensity that I can barely stand it nor take it sometimes is unfathomable.  That is one of the greatest mysteries to vex my human mind. 

Always has.


Rafe GB.