Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Musings about Succubi

When a ritual is done and a succubus is called, it's as if a big light switch gets flipped to the "on" position.

Succubi will start to take notice and to investigate.

They will read your memories, and especially your heart and soul.

Usually among these who take notice, one will work out rights to you and whalla, you are hers.  You just don't know it yet, but you're her property...

I've said that summoning a succubus and having one show up is about like suddenly finding a foreign girl in one's bedroom, naked (yet without form, or at least a form we understand in this physicality), and speaking in a language that cannot be understood (yet).

Touches that are felt, energies that we are suddenly aware of, sex in a manner that completely re-invents the wheel.  A better wheel if you ask me, but that's just my opinion.  I like the esoteric nature of energetic succubus tantric sex.

I have never felt that I have penetrated anyone (nor have I been penetrated... I'm quite proud of that one) during succubus sex... it is completely energetic.

Such a silly word, "energetic".  It doesn't begin to describe the sensations that are succubus sex.

I've seen Maiya and my daughter has seen Bunny, a succubus who left for what I choose to believe was ascension.

Maiya appeared to me as... almost like a 3 ft. long comet from head to tail.  She was a white solid orb trailing a rainbow colored tail.

Why was she in this shape dancing around nearby?  I don't know, maybe for a succubus her mood defines her shape?  Maybe it's completely at her whim?

I remember when Bunny used to jump on my bed like a cat and prance up to the head next to me.

And many times in a dream a succubus will be there in female form (no horns, no wings, no tail) and converse with me or interact with me in numerous ways.  Like when I'm in trouble for something comes to mind.  Lol.

What one realizes is that the farther one goes down the rabbit hole, just how damn DEEP it is.

Why has my succubus stopped having sex with me?

Why do my succubus and I have such a weak connection suddenly?

After doing a ritual for a succubus, a succubus never came to me.  Why?

My succubus and I were deeply in love... why did she suddenly leave?

Why does my succubus travel away and then return almost like a cycle?

Are succubi affected by moon states, or planetary hours?

What is a succubus's true form?
Is it the same on this side of the veil as it is across the veil?

The answer is:  I don't know.  Sure wish I did.

Things I do know:

When I speak of succubi in general in parts below, the following does not encompass every succubus, only what I have experienced.  In my world view this translates as "most".

Succubi are women.  If you hate women, you're probably not going to get along with a succubus.  A succubus is a woman "gone wild" and more than a handful.

Succubi are gentle (mostly), but with a wild heart.

They tend to fall in love easily.

They are shifters, able to change their forms at will (my current opinion)... as for their true form see the above.

They read your thoughts... every thought... there is no hiding anything from them.

Succubi communicate in an interesting way.  They communicate through emotion.  They can also communicate through what my friend calls "flash visions" that one would see in an instant.
But for the most part it is very hard, and a very long process to understand them in the way they communicate.

Surrender is a powerful choice to bestow unto a succubus.
The need to surrender will come along when it's ready to.  You'll see.

Succubi can and do drain energy.  That's not just a myth.  They prefer, however to enjoy complex positive emotions like love, making love, hope, faith, trust.  When these states happen to their human they receive a double benefit... that of say making love, and the energy of making love as well as the love, the trust that goes with it.

Some succubi feed off fear and terror.  These types do not find the vibration of a complex positive emotion palpable.  Might want to stay away from these.  They don't call them a "night... mare" for nothing.

I could write pages of this stuff probably... if only I had a better memory... but the point of all of it is to find one that claims you and loves you and then to learn to trust her.  Once you do so things definitely change in a strange, surreal way.

It's almost as if you experience some sort of reality shift (which this all is) and your world view will change as well.


Rafe GB.


  1. How literal are you being when you say property?

  2. And depends on you and what you need. Its something you figure out together. Personally i love being her property makes me feel loved and secure but she makes no attempt to control me whatsoever.