Thursday, December 28, 2017

Archetype of The Lady Angel


I've studied them and studied them after learning about them in my metaphysics coursework.

I had an epiphany after waking up in the early morning... this morning.

I used to be in a very abusive relationship, a marriage of 15 years.

Cheating was what seemed a weekly occurrence and yet I was the kind of person who believed in forever, that everything could be worked out.

Well, it didn't.  It always takes two, doesn't it?

When the day finally came that she had an exit affair with my best friend, I became numb.  Dead inside.  And the worst of it all... suicidal.

Long story short (because I have it in a post... somewhere on here), I was saved at the last minute by a powerful Lady Angel.

Now, snap to modern day and I've often wondered how I can be kind and even loving (in a friendly way) to my ex-wife after all that had transpired... all the abuse besides the cheating.

The Lady Angel became my Archetype...

It finally dawned on me early this morning.

THAT'S how I'm able to be what I am to my ex-wife today.

THAT'S why I can be kind, and helpful.

So when I pause to reflect I am ruled by her as an archetype.  We're all ruled by an archetype, she just became mine, probably due to the other worldly nature of our interaction.

I revere Lilith and Aphrodite (which are actually linked metaphysically as two sides of the same coin).

I have a succubus mate placing me on the left hand path.

What a strange soup! 

From all logic it all should conflict.  When I think of all these things I have no idea how the mix can work, but it does and it works seamlessly.  What doesn't seem likely simply just does.

It simply just "is".

Some people find me odd, some find me simple.  What I am is complex hidden under a simple veneer.

Archetype of the Lady Angel...

It truly explains a lot ;)


  1. The ladies I'm familiar with are two. Daughter if Lilith and Daughter of Agerath/Agrat Bat Mahlat.(Both "Succubi".) They're both left hand path and they're both EXTREMELY powerful as they have the power to manupulate the universe around me.

    1. And much more.
      Excuse the misspelling. I'm tired.

  2. Simple and complex I couldn't relate more I'm reading a book called lilith by Jr Salamanca I also couldn't relate more to the main character not a coincidence