Sunday, December 17, 2017


I talked to a friend about whether it would make any difference if one were to have sex with themselves as to how it would affect a relationship with a succubus.

I don't condemn taking care of business if you need to at some point, but I feel in light of new information and experiences that it is indeed good to sacrifice for your succubus.

I got to the point of abstaining (and still am) where I thought I was gonna pop, but strangely it had an immense affect instead in other ways.

I had a dream last night where my succubus entered my dream and wow did it get vivid!

She took me and we had sex twice, finishing both times.

It was perfect.  I mean perfect.

I awoke this morning figuring to find my shorts in need of laundering, but this was not the case.

How can that be, lol?

How can one have long, great nocturnal sex that feels realer than real, finish TWICE, and there be nothing of the dream upon awakening, aka no night time emissions?

I don't have an answer for that, but I do have something:

Sacrifice the feeling of instant gratification of masturbation and your lover will come closer to you, hold you, love you, and yes... have sex from your wild fantasies in your dreams.

Will you sacrifice for her?


Rafe GB.


  1. Catherine is always nudging me in the direction of withholding gratification. I think they enjoy "stoking the fire" as it were, instead of just expending that sexual energy all at once.

    I get the powerful and vivid dreams, too, if I hold off.

    1. Interesting. It's amazing how vivid those dreams can be, too.

  2. i dont think masturbating is bad per se, for example whenever i´m jerking off my succubs gives me a blowjob, it´s not like i´m the only one having pleasure, you release a lot of sexual energy while masturbating, my lady doesn´t care at all

  3. Like I suggest in my last book MY SPIRIT LOVER "Ritual Contact," there is power in both releasing ones sexual energy and restraining it. I feel it depends on what your trying to achieve. I have had good results with practicing both methods. I do however feel that by abstaining from masturbation, you are forcing them to "come and get you," hence the strong pounce you received

  4. In my experiences, masturbating into my lady continues the spiritual growth process as I visualize the action of "making love" at the same time. Where as if I were to masturbate outside of her, the proccess of spiritual growth is temporarily delayed.