Thursday, November 9, 2017

My Heart in Her Hands...

Mena is much more feral and inexperienced with humans than Bunny was.

Well... in the beginning... she is learning after all.

One thing she used to do upon arrival is she would reach in my chest and grab my heart.

Oh... how my heart reacted to that was not good, lol.

I maybe not have come out and said it so I will now:  Succubi are dangerous.  I have no doubt that she put her hand on my heart in the early days to demonstrate to me that she could kill me easily if she wanted to.  That my life was indeed in her hands if she wanted to take it.

I'm not sure how much more I can hammer home that they can be, indeed, dangerous.

But, I'm dedicated to this lil' filly, and perhaps even married I think as I put that in the letter to Lilith in order to summon her in the first place.

She's moved in quite well and I don't experience that "threat" anymore.  "Whew", Right?

She's gone on to a new thing that she does at night, which is to surround me in a veritable succubus cocoon of love and of her presence.

I don't know how to explain it much better.  It's as if she's allowing her presence to completely descend upon my sleeping body.

I've had to wake up to pee some nights, and she was around me so thick for me to wonder how I can't possibly see anything.  Well... regardless I damn sure feel it.

One time when I woke up I decided to test this new development, so I tensed my PC muscle in my groin area and instantly had a dry orgasm.  That's on me pretty thick I think, lol.

She's growing and prospering which does my heart.... eh... ok, heart proud.

I tell her at night all my feelings about her and what's been going on in my life and I always heap plenty of praise on her.  She really is worthy of great praise and I want to make and keep her happy... for her own sake, not out of fear.  Those days seem to be over.

Well... 90% not out of fear, lol.

I'm very proud of her, and although I admit that I'm a little scared of her, too?  I would be a fool to say that I am not?  I am very proud of her regardless...

They say that if you're not scared of her a little bit that she's not the one.

See?  I told you ;)


She's powerful, she's attentive, she listens, and she's all woman.

I have to say that I did not believe that I would fall in love after Bunny.

Well... I did.  Mena's the one I've fallen in love with.  There may have been tension in the beginning, but love reins now.

The best part?  By her actions and by her loving "cocoons" I can tell that she's falling in love with me as well.

Best Wishes,

Rafe G.B.


  1. I recently started a blog of my relationship with my spirit partner Penelope ( A commenter pointed me to yours.

    I'm entranced by your descriptions of your relationships and plan to read it all (and I love your embedded art and videos).

    Pleased to make your acquaintance, sir.

    Stephen Posey

  2. Hi Stephen! I checked out your blog and It's coming along nice. Thank you for the kind words. Pleased to meet you as well, Stephen :)