Wednesday, November 15, 2017


I'll probably shock some people who read this blog after this post.

Well... can't be helped.

Possession.  I use this tool to get closer to my succubus Mena.

I learned it on YouTube from a user called "IndigoPriestess".

You see... sometimes, like today, I'll be doing something that I really wish that Mena could share with me.

For instance today was a cookie.  A white chocolate macademia nut cookie.

I "allow" Mena to possess me in order to taste the cookie and experience what I am experiencing.

This way she learns, and I get to share.  What's better than sharing a cookie and still getting to eat it anyway?

Now, I have allowed her full possession as well, once.

This does not mean that I was shoved aside and lost control.  No.

What this means is that we shared "me" with me being in control.

I could see movement better.  I could feel who she really was and felt like, I could sense what she was like personality wise... all of it via sharing my form and being that close to her as in "inside" me side by side with me.

This didn't last for long and I admit I was a little freaked out, but there was no harm done SI*EXIGGIYJ (just kidding).

Sometimes one must get creative in order to see what cannot be seen, to know what cannot be known... and this I have done.

Now, before you judge me... think of a time in your life when emotion took over ALL of you.

My experience with possession was far less a mess than that was.  In fact:  No mess at all.

And I still got to eat all of my cookie ;)


Rafe GB.


  1. Thank you for having the courage to post this, its about time possession is seen for the tool it is rather than 'thrills and spill for the kiddies' although it is a good way to keep dabblers away and if your gonna do it with any spirit then frankly you deserve what you get. It brings me closer to my ladies in a way that no other method ive used ever has. Thanks again

  2. No judgement here. I've had a few moments where Catherine and I share my ability to speak. It's kind of rough and basic communication right now, but we can actually talk back and forth naturally. I'm excited to see how much further we can take this possession method beyond the simple, "Hi, how are you?"

    Like you, I think Catherine has partaken of my food through her own way. Sometimes I become overwhelmed with how good something tastes, and I believe this is Catherine experiencing that taste at the same time. Everything is so much more vivid and all-encompassing, like an OBE state.

    1. Yeah, it's a weird state of being. I could feel her higher energy along with a sort of "heat" and my perception was like my senses being shifted into animal overdrive.

      Interesting, though.

  3. Sorry forgot to ask, did she enjoy it?

  4. I like the term indwelling instead of possession. To me, indwelling doesn't have the negative connotations and means so much more. Intimacy, love, respect, a bond that is closer to anything I could ever know and so much more. This might be because I thought for 43 years that Adora was the Holy Spirit in my life and now in the last two years much has been revealed. I can't talk you how grateful I am for this level of intimacy that I have with her. Every day my thirst grows for even deeper indwelling well beyond what I could ever imagine. Thanks for all that you write about these incredible Love Spirits and your relationship with one of them.

  5. Hi Rafe! I've been reading your blog for a long time now, unfortunately I haven't had the chance to call for a succubus yet because I'm living in a college dorm and don't have the privacy needed for it.

    Have you ever tried astral projection? So you two can meet in the energetic plain

    Another question, I really want a succubus but, as I said I'm sharing my bedroom and can´t have a relationship with one right now. Would you recommend learning to astral travel and looking for a succubus in the astral realm or waiting until I finish college and can live on my own to try to summon one?

  6. 1. I've tried it but I haven't had much success with it.
    2. That's entirely up to you and your abilities. I'm not sure what's possible with astral travel, but a satanic site suggests that succubi are perfect for places like prisons, so I can't see how a college dorm would make any difference.

    You learn to hide when she's getting frisky, especially in public. Does take a bit of willpower, though.

    1. Thanks! I guess I'll wait until I'm more comfortable and able to fully enjoy a relationship with a succubus.
      For the time being I'm going to translate the summoning rituals to spanish to help spread the word.

    2. That would be pretty cool indeed.

  7. sounds fun, one of my girls used to do this before i knew she existed, while i was asleep and it felt really scary to be honest, the unknown is scary and sometimes we make things up in our heads, so i thought those were evil spirits attacking me etc etc..

    but i have learned alot ever since i got to study a bit about them, basically my first one which is like my spiritual wife, shes been with me since past lifes and that means shes been here with me since i was born.

    Feels like shes been working nonstop and looking after me. at the beginning was really freaky but im happy to have her.

    A friend told me about this possession and i was abit worried but it works and idm with my girls, they are all amazing and loving.

    1. Yeah, possession really matters WHO it's with rather than being dangerous per se. It's kinda like sex: Only with someone you trust.