Monday, September 25, 2017

Dark Bride

I'm beginning to think of Lilith as my dark Mother. The stress is starting to subside little by little now and Mena has been active as of late.

Although I do feel her sometimes active in the waking hours, her preferred method of interaction is in sleep and dreams.

I can always tell when she's been in my dreams as they are vivid, although sometimes she will have sex with me in the waking world while I dream of other things.

The "whys" of these things I can only guess at:  I truly do not know.

Since I consider Lilith my dark Mother (and am a little wary of Her to be honest... either christian indoctrination of all things supernatural, or perhaps her enormous power... again I do not know).

I have always considered summoning a succubus as "the engagement", a call for marriage to the succubus who accepts and makes me hers.

As such, once a succubus comes for love I consider that "the marriage".

In that vein, Mena I believe is my "Dark Bride", taking after her mother.

One thing that is interesting is that Mena tries to keep me honest.

She doesn't like it if I tell a white lie to others, she doesn't like it if I do something risky (and stupid), she doesn't like it if I allow something I shouldn't with my kids by being too lenient... she tries to help me be a good father which I humbly appreciate.

She takes her step mother role seriously, and boy... can she nag INSTANTLY.

But... one thing I've learned about women is... if they care they nag.

It's when they stop nagging that you're screwed as they've given up.

But wow, instant nagging.  That's definitely hard to swallow, lol.

But, gotta love her... she cares immensely about me and the children.

Evil, indeed.  Lol.

I still don't understand why her dark energy (and Lilith's) makes me so queasy.

I don't believe it's evil, but what is it?  Is it just so otherworldly that it doesn't "compute"?

Again, I don't know the answers.

I suppose I'll leave this one the way it is.  So much I don't know...  So much I do not understand...

I've found the perfect theme for me and Mena.  I don't watch Game of Thrones, but I've become entranced with the musical intro on a 12 string.  It seems perfect for musically describing my path and what I deal with in loving Mena and in developing  ties with Mother Lilith by extension.


Rafe GB.

"My Path"


  1. have you ever seen the 1960s flim called lilith? it seems to nail her nature perfectly i think its madness same as kali recommend you see it.

    1. I'll see if I can check it out, thanks for the referral :)