Wednesday, September 13, 2017

How to start the ball rolling once a succubus shows up

I have to say things are going well.

I've been concentrating on her, meditating on her, basically obsessing on her.  That's part of it I've found, at least initially.

The ball definitely got rolling at some point.

Let me say that there isn't a real end game to this... at least for me.

All I want is to feel her and to love her.  And, if things go well, she'll love me.

They fall in love easily, so time and attention is key.

I think we've hit that point now.

The dream life has been phenomenal, and physical sex is starting.  Not sure why sex wasn't at the forefront, but you know what?  What starts cold has only one place to go.

It has to heat up in time.  At least this has been my experience so far with her.

She's been a pleasure to get to know.  Every succubus is different and they are all so very unique.

I've spent untold hours talking to her, sending her word pictures of my past, my dreams, my thoughts, my everything.  At some point of doing this, she will grow closer and the real journey begins.

Yes, it takes a lot of work, but what better time spent than getting to know a wondrous lady?

I wish anyone who wants a good relationship with a succubus is granted one to love... if you're gonna be a battery, at least be one for love.  *Big Grin*

EDIT:  I've found that one of the best ways to "sense" your succubus and get used to her energy is in learning/doing some sort of energy work.  My venue was reiki.  I strongly believe that energy work makes one more "sensitive" to succubus energies.

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