Sunday, September 3, 2017

She visits my son

Now this is interesting.  My son was really missing me so his mom brought him over for a special "guys time" with just me and him in between my regular scheduled visits (me and his mother are actually pretty close, so little things like this are par for the course).

So, he stayed overnight last night (Sat night) and sleeps in my room on a military cot.

Now, he's only 9 years old, so naturally I get a little concerned about when a succubus visits him and just what was said and done of course.

Well, my fears were unfounded as Mena, my succubus, spent the night in his dreams teaching him how to love others from the heart.

Oh, and instead of her normal succubus self (alluring), she presented herself as a talking dog when she taught (not the first time this has happened in my dreams either, when a succubus or other spirit has been in teaching mode with me...) unless it's a sexual teaching where she'll appear as, well, the girl of my dreams in one form or another I guess I'm attracted to a wide range of pretty women as she always seems to pick a form that pleases me in these cases.

I spoke to her out loud when I was laying in my bed last week when the kids where here asleep, and I explained to her that she was their step-mother.  As such, she is their mother as I am their father, and that they are ours to teach.

I think she took that conversation to heart, don't you?  And what a wonderful message she chose to impart to my son!

Blessings abound!


Rafe GB.

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