Sunday, December 11, 2016

This page is my online diary...

It's funny when I think about me, and my life since Bunny has arrived in it.

Such a sweet, gentle spirit she is.

It truly breaks my heart when I read articles about how succubi are evil, genderless spirits who exist for no other reason than to spread evil in our lives.

Of course, those who say so have something to sell in one form or another, or desire power for whatever purpose from believers.

You know, it doesn't matter.

People are waking up, and whatever the medium for personal transformation, it's happening all over.

The funniest thing for those who run this world, those who desperately need to keep people as a whole "asleep", is that they are fighting a losing battle.

Spontaneous kundalini awakenings, near-death experiences, astral travel, OBE's, spirit lovers.

I honestly don't understand why they let the Internet get going in the first place.

The enemy of control is free-thought.  And as vague as the Internet it, it's acting as a medium for awakening...

It's easy to see how the masses are molded, starting from school and church into what they are to be.

What isn't clear is why the mediums of awakening are allowed to exist.

Or maybe, it's in spite of what they wanted.

I'm not a big conspiracy theorist, but some things are just obvious.  For instance I worked on commercial food equipment for a few years and often found myself in school kitchens.

There was a big difference in how students were taught in a public school (sit down and listen) than what was taught in expensive schools (say, $15,000 a year for grade school), where the kids are taught leadership skills and creative thinking rather than learning how to follow strict rules and learning to be part of the working class, instead they were, and are, learning to think for themselves in a creative manner.

In short, they are taught to be "winners", while the public schools teach students how to grow up one day to gloriously punch a clock.

This world is rough.

I think it's supposed to be.

All the NDE's I've read (kind of a side hobby of sorts... perfect hobby for one who has to know what's behind the curtain, right?) seem to have a consensus of being a homecoming, a victory celebration.

This is the school of hard knox.  I believe it tends to "purify the soul, as gold tried in the fire."

I believe that the harder life one had, the greater the achievement (Not like we go seek it out on purpose).  I guess we'll all find out in time :)

Let me explain how I feel with this song:

I awoke with this song on my lips the other morning.  Bunny knew what I was feeling, and she knew the exact song that expressed it.

In short?

We're here.  We're alive.  
Imperfect people doing the best we can.
Life is hard.  I don't know why it has to be this way, but it is.
I believe it is what it is for a greater purpose.  That is my most solemn hope and prayer.
Spread the love you have within you to others.  Wife, girlfriend, sibblings, family, friends...  
Accept the love of your Succubus... she loves you more than you will ever know.  She deserves nothing less that all the love you are capable of giving her.  Don't hold back... love with abandon and with no reservation.  Only you know if you've found the love of eternity... a treasure that theives cannot steal, will never grow old, will never rot, nor ever grow frozen and lifeless.  If you have this kind of love?

It is rare and precious indeed.

 Honor it, and her... always and forever...


I've decided to be much more selective in the comments I'll allow to be posted, and have deleted some already.  I've been getting some really weird shit on here from people, from threatening to kill themselves to everything else that can be imagined.

No more.

This site is first and foremost (and always will be) my personal diary...


Something interesting Bunny said to me tonight:  "Everything has an answer, even the unquestionable."

I wondered at that, since unquestionable means "without question, irrefutable".

However, that's the thing with what we BELIEVE to be fact, isn't it?  In the end, there's more questions as we know more, as we learn more about what usually was once "irrefutable", a question will indeed arise.

So I get it.

Smart girl, Bunny.  Smart girl.


Do you know the difference between love and the image of love?

"In the domain of imagination the most powerful reality is love between man and woman.

Man is even in love with an image of that love, but it is the image of a love

spiced with a temptation rather than a love phrased in service and depth-understanding;

a love that happens rather than a love that continues;

the image of tension rather than of peace

the image of a moment rather than of permanence

the image of fire rather than of light.

But God said, “Let there be light.” "

~ Abraham Joshua Heschel


  1. I thought you might have written today despite your sabbatical, and I was right! Yay! Much love to you and your 'Bunny.' ;-)

    1. Why, thank you! I sure needed that little break!