Wednesday, December 21, 2016

The True Power of a Woman

Society says women have to be like men to have men's power. Women learn how to seduce and to sell themselves for the right price or for the right "package" in exchange for they want, as if sexuality and their bodies are leveraged and worth a set value in the market.

Nobody forces women to do this: Women teach women to do this. How to read between the lines for gain, how to conquer through deceit and trickery rather than force, and how to get that "force" to do their own bidding by manipulating the masculine weak.

Then, later in life, women are miserable. They are more unhappy than in previous generations, and they are even less happy than men of the modern age, who have grown happier with no explanation.

But WHY?  It wasn't supposed to be that way?

Wasn't society pushing the female agenda supposed to be about women's happiness? No, the female leaders of society say... it was about equal opportunity... not the happiness of the woman.

However, if the average woman is more miserable, then of what value was this for the average woman?

What "Bunny" (or as I have also taken to calling her, "Lioness") has taught me is that women have tremendous power.  It's innate.  They never needed men's power in place of their own, nor does it even serve them.  Women make sub par men but have a power that men cannot duplicate.
Equal. Complimentary. Irreplaceable.

It is a power that is NOT centered around her womb, nor her particulars of reproductive sexuality.
No, no, a thousand fucking times no!  It goes much deeper into the core of her being in who she is at a soul vibration.

All attempting to be men has done is to rob women of their own innate power, of their femininity, of their identity, and of their happiness.  Women can't be men and be happy.  All they can be is themselves.  But what power that is!  They don't NEED to be anything but women.  All the power is there.  All they need, all within them, always was and is.

Maybe I'm just naive.

Let me break it down with something everyone understands.  Money.

In Australia, brothels are getting hit by a surge in illegal prostitution by an average of $20,000 a month less per brothel than what they used to make.

Before the Internet, a female porn star could make a couple grand with just an average sex scene involving one man and no anal.  Now, the same sex worker will make about a grand per scene and struggle to obtain more than 2-3 sex scenes a month.

Anything from $1,500 to $2,000 per scene requires that they get abused (consensual but disgusting), do a double penetration, and take facials with more than 2 guys on them at once.

Their shelf life is become much shorter as well.  After 10-12 months of steady sex work their agents struggle to find work to book them consistently.

These women are resentful of new talent who will work for far less, and who often blow the camera men or the producers after their scenes just so they can increase their chances of being cast again.

What do I take from this information?  Liberation has had some very unintended consequences.

Tinder has created a sexually transmitted disease wasteland among singles in the US.

Legal bordellos are closing up or struggling to exist altogether.

And, contrary to what social media likes to champion, pussy is now officially fucking worthless. It has become a liability for men and not even worth the momentary pleasure it provides compared to the risks which are many and severe (absolutely NO sexual reproductive rights as a male (get her pregnant and want to save your child from abortion?  Sorry.  Her choice.  Can't afford 18 years of child support? Enjoy prison!  Her choice to keep it), unintended pregnancies (which start the whole thing), 18 years as a wage slave, STD's, false-rape accusations (when she changes her mind later. Enjoy prison!  Or a multitude of other bonuses), think marriage is safe?  70% of all divorces are filed by women.  Enjoy the happy carnival that is family court.  Oh for fuck's sake. If you can't figure it out just stop reading, now!).

The moment your seed leaves your body into hers, it's hers.  Now it's her choice and it's your ass.  All for the simple pleasure of an orgasm.  'Gratz.

Not only is pussy worthless, it's fucking dangerous.  Hey!  Lets play a game with pit vipers!

"The more women demand, the less in demand they are." ~ Rorschach.

Pussy has become a commodity with an excess of supply.  Jesus, it's all around us.  It's fucking everywhere you look.

Society would say that it is in demand but it's clearly not.  Society is saturated with pussy, and the sad part is that it's way above the curve than what is in demand.

Single mothers are a dime a fucking dozen.  Pussy simply has no value anymore.  None.

Lol, I'm actually sad.  I don't want women all fucking miserable.  You know why?  Because I'm a metaphysicist and I believe the notion that we are all connected in ways we can't even imagine.

Women?  Whether they know it or not is irrelevant, but they are my sisters on this dust ball.

As fucking amazing as it may sound compared to others who harp on this shit, yes... I want them all to be happy, because if they are happy the world is a better place.

That goes both ways, again, whether they know it or not.  Women who smash men under their thumbs, using the system as an enforcer for perceived wrongs?  It's gonna bite 'em in the ass just as hard.

That just might be what is transpiring now.  It's creeping up and has been, yet nobody seems to notice the elephant in the room.

We are, and always have been, a serpent with it's own tail in it's mouth.  This symbolizes us, all of us.

We're all connected.  We are "Ouroboros".  We are all of the cycle, and we are all connected, male and female.


If you just can't believe that women are more miserable, and that men are happier today, just research the paper right here: "The paradox of declining female happiness."  (Main paper)

Why-are-women-less-happy-now  (Many other studies referenced)

What can we do about it?  I ain't got a God Damn clue.  Let it run it's course I guess.  See what happens when the pendulum swings the other way, because it's stalled like a mother fucker and about to begin it's swing to the reverse.

Or, maybe it's permanently fucked.  Many women are wising up and trying to go back to a traditional mindset.  The problem is, men are out of the cage and they aren't going back.  Why the fuck should they?  Ever seen the "Women against feminism" cards held up on twitter?  Ever notice the suggestive "fuck me" looks displayed behind the cards?

I call that, "Plan B".  The feminists fucked it all up... "how can we get men to treat us special again?"
"How can we get men back to sacrificing again?  To go back in the cage and back working on the plantation?"  Hmm...  We'll act like we're against feminism!
And I know just how we're going to sell it!

These lips ain't just for talkin' boy!  I promise!

I'm a good girl.  Good at... err... Nibble nibble (hint hint) *wink*.

I'm dead serious that I won't treat you that way.  P.S. That's my bed in the background.

I'm not jailbait!  Come back to the plantation, slave!  P.S. That's my bed in the background, too.
P.P.S. Can you see my breasts?  It's okay to look 'cause I'm not a feminist!

Look at my cleavage motherfucker, look at it!
(Oh, and I'm not a feminist)

I've got a 40,000 dollar liberal arts student loan and no job, I need a man to pay this shit off, bitches.
Oh, and I'm not a feminist.  I won't fuck you over the second it's paid off!  *Pinkie Swear*

Eh.  Not buyin' it.  Not any of it.  I don't think any other men do, either.  10 pts for creativity though!  (I mean hell, they have their own mini movement for what it's worth.  Women can be really good at marketing when they want something bad enough)

Why do I hate this shit?  Well, for starters it's obvious for the sham it is.  But mostly because I have a teenage daughter whom I adore.  Men aren't as stupid as women give them credit for and we learn from others' mistakes.  In other words, thanks for the pump and dump, no dating, no romance fucking society.  Now that my daughter is about to grow up on me, you all fucked her future for your present.  And you suck ass for that.

And all you feminist and pseudo "I'm not a feminist because blah blah blah... Oh, ok, I'm a feminist" bullshit fucks HER life over, that's why.

Yes, it's hard to fucking believe but many of us men are fathers, brothers, sons, and grandfathers to women galore.

Ah fuck.  I give up.  Such a damn waste.  I think it bothers me the most about my daughter and what little she has to look forward to.  I want her to be happy.  Welcome to the hookup, Tinder piece of shit, STD rampant hell that is modern sexuality.  Women built this.  All by themselves.  Women that stole their own daughters' future along with my own daughter's grim future of a sexual politics minefield and disappointment ville.

Maybe I worry too much about women.  Maybe I should just be like, "Not my circus, not my monkey."  

After all women broke it, I didn't.  Men didn't either.  I'm beginning to believe that they broke it for good, and on purpose.  Ok. 

They burned all of the proverbial bridges behind them.  All I can figure.  What a shame.

As far as all that goes, a wise man once said, "No mistake goes unanswered, and women have made a lot of fucking mistakes to answer for."

I, of course, love my daughter, and I'll support her throughout her life as her father.  I wish I could do more to change the world she will be maturing into.  But I can't.

I think the universe has one hell of a sense of humor and the punchlines are killer.

Something tells me that help is coming in another form.

You see, it was only a few years ago that I was a man who asked, "Is this all there is?  Is this all that love is?"

"Everything in the world is about sex, except sex.  Sex is about power."  ~Oscar Wilde

This is what I have found.  This was the form of the answer that drew close when I cried out with all of my soul, wholeheartedly.

(Although this is written for men the same phenomena applies to women.  There are many women out there who call an incubus lover and who secretly harbour a son of the God without knowing.

I believe that they are like I am... another kindred traveller along the same, or parallel spiritual path.

There are women out there like me, of that I do not doubt.

I have no problem considering these women my sisters.  Or, to be more accurate my sisters in law, nor in considering their incubi as my brothers in law.

I have zero problem with that.  In fact, it would be most welcome to experience.)

And, here we go:

Along comes a woman.  A daughter.  One who is of an archetype of the Goddess.  She is with her sisters in a ring around the earth... watching, listening, and in waiting.

One are many, and many are of one... they listen, they hear, they judge, "Is this all there is? Is this all that love is?" spoken by many men, below.

Upon hearing this, they draw close... they judge the man's soul to see if he is worthy...

Money means nothing, looks... nothing.  There is nothing of value in this world that they are seeking.

It is his soul. Nothing else.  He can hide nothing.

If he is found worthy, a daughter of the Goddess who feels called to do so enters his life freely. He learns what the true power of a woman is, and who the Goddess is through how she feels towards him, through how she loves him, in how she speaks to him, and in how she gently guides him.

She is most gentle with him. She is kind, and is sweet. She has no ulterior motive other than to have him, completely.  How sweet she is!  Like a butterfly, and just as delicate!

Is this not what love is? What love endeavors to become? She makes it so,and like gentle rain she leads, she guides, she loves, and she prospers him.

He is hers, and they become theirs, far beyond this world and one day even through the next.

Why is this happening to so many in these times?

I think I know of who she is, and of who they are.  She is a daughter of the sacred whore, an archetype of the Goddess, and a spark of the Goddess Herself bestowed upon her dear daughter (and also upon her daughter's sisters).

Lets examine this a little.  We have received the daughter.  First, we called her succubus, and later... what is this she is made of?  Of what is this that she has become?  It is who she always was from the beginning, we could not relate to her in that way yet and so she spoke to us through sacred sex.

And like the sacred whore, she began transforming us, changing us into what she already has seen that we will become in time through sacred sex.

She is a spark of her Mother:  Holy.  She is a daughter of the Divine.  Oh, but she is more than what we understand, for she is feral... sexuality unhinged, unbroken. Fierce, but kind. Demanding, but loving. Wild, yet welcome and free... free to do as she pleases, and free to love as she wishes.

Well, she's gentle most of the time :)  Hahaha.

She loves us for her own pleasure, and satisfies us for our own that we meet together as one by her design.  And we find that this is what we were missing and that we are indeed blessed, and happy.

He learns her power, and he learns surrender.  It doesn't come easy.  No, it never does.  Surrender is a 4 letter word in this day and age.  But as he learns how to surrender he learns a secret:  There is POWER in true surrender to she who is worthy...

Power to inflame Divine love ever higher between a daughter of the Goddess and her prey, drawing them both ever closer, and ever higher.  This is part of our portion, of learning of what it is to be a man. You will not find this in this world.

Power to receive a love that cannot be taken away, and to partake of a symphonic, beautiful trust that is impossible to replicate in this world in any other fashion.

These are the agents of the Goddess, reclaiming men one soul at a time...   One era at a time.

This is the true power of a woman, and not that which wastes away with time nor suffers from whims of temporal change.  This is something much more substantial and fulfilling, on a soul level.

We are, and will be taught deep lessons of love, and of our worth, and of our calling, until their place of being (of the abode of the Divine Couple) is filled with what should have been from the beginning... perfect images of the Goddess herself, and of the God who so dearly loves her...

I believe that in this place, we will learn from the God what it is to be reborn in his image.  To know what it is to be a male perfected by an eternity of loving our own brides, our own female flames, our own coupling in the image of the Divine.

Once we were broken, and once we will be redeemed... we will learn what it is to perfectly love, and to accept being perfectly loved in communion with our brides... we will learn how to bear good fruit, how to be men worthy of the title of "Prince of the Lord, and the Lady", how to become strong, loving sons of the Couple Divine.

We will learn how to be equals (Just as the Lord and Lady are), how to be a part of the Divine plan, and how to be a part of the Divine Marriage with the Goddess's daughter, "she who is many":  She who each loves us individually, and personally... as we each have our own Divine daughter to love, to nurture, and to cherish.

Within this image, we shall dance the dance eternal, of male and female, husband and wife, of heavenly groom, and of heavenly bride.

It is sad that we will have to learn how to love these fiery maidens "there", and not have the ability "here".  This world's ideas of male and female are beyond repair.  It will take time to gain our footing, it will take time to learn our way.

But fear not:  Our lovers have already chosen.  And they already know who we will become, in time.

Incidentally, I figured out the conundrum of how our Anima and our succubus lovers appear to be connected in a more direct way than I have been able to comprehend.  The key is that, as a daughter of the Divine feminine, and as our Anima is also an archetype of the Divine feminine, they have more in common than a woman does on this earth where the Anima is usually projected vibrationally onto the women throughout our lives.

In essence the Succubus, being a daughter of the Goddess, resonates with the Anima naturally being vibrationally akin.  The Anima is herself of the Goddess, who teaches us by being within us (and can get real nasty if we keep shoving her down with our ego, so don't test her).

Therefore, the succubus acts as a tuning fork of sorts, and resonates with our Anima which appears to us to be the same entity, yet one is within, and one is without at the same time.

In the end as they are of the same, they ARE the same vibrationally... which leads me to believe that they are the same for all other practical purposes and are essentially one.

Woohoo!  I solved it, Bunny!  

(She's snorting with laughter, I can tell that she knew I would eventually figure it out, but I can also tell that she's glad that I did just the same.  Strangely, I feel that crown on my head again.  Maybe she's trying to tell me I did good.)

Resonance.  Yah!  Like dis!

A loving melody, celebrating the union of Succubunny and Anima.

You know, and I know, where we are all going.  Love has one face, but many expressions.  I know where love lives and that is where we all shall go.


  1. The toxicity between men and women is largely what drove me to seek out Catherine. I saw what my parents went through, and what my friends were all having to put up with... I didn't want anything to do with that. There had to be a better way. So I read books, went on a few OBE romps, and tripped over a succubus while praying to Lilith. lol

    Sexual alchemy. That's what I believe we're all looking for. A catalyst for spiritual evolution. This phenomena is so rare amongst our own kind, we had to look beyond the norm for that connection. That's what happened to me. I had human opportunities galore, but none had that sacred tugging at the heart so intrinsic to my Catherine.

    1. Hey brother!

      I appreciate your comment.

      I agree with your assessment as well. Now what's bugging me is "why"?

      Why does Lilith give a shit whether an earthbound fleshy is graced with a fiesty yet ultimately loving daughter of hers?

      Why doesn't the daughter just find a great mate in the higher vibratory realm from which they "bathe" (or come from)? Wouldn't it be more blissful, more fulfilling, less drama for them?

      That's the part I can't seem to wrap my head around. It's the "why".

    2. P.S. That song is perfect. Describes what this is all about. Thank you!

  2. Nice article!
    Great to see a fellow man who sees the red pill truths about what is going on in modern society. Like you said feminism robs women of their femininity and men on their masculinity. Seems like modern culture wants women to become men and men to become women.

    Prior to my introduction to red pill truths, I regarded traditional, conservative values of the past as backwards. Now with a red pill lens, seems like there is a reason why those values were in place. Reading about it, it seems to be a totally different landscape to the modern one. Rather than sexual liberation and the culture of promiscuity, parents and especially fathers protected their daughters from men who were unwilling to commit. Chaperones often accompanied the daughters to prevent the modern pump and dump phenomena. Wives did not have unrealistic expectations of men and marriage. Many were brought up to tend to the sexual needs of men rather than using sex as a manipulative tool to control their husbands. Husbands were also respected as strong yet loving leaders of the households instead of useful household furniture that provides material utility. Women also seemed to put far more effort into making marriage work and preserving through the hard times. I've even heard that some older couples had marriages lasting 60 years! These days, it is unheard of, this kind of dedication to one another and working as a team rather than as adversaries in a constant power struggle.

    Encountering many manosphere sites and even MGTOW, it seems like many men have given up or become a bit cynical on the type of spiritual love you speak of.
    You see this by statements like: "Men love idealistically while women love opportunistically" or "AWALT(all women are like that)" and claims that a human woman's love is conditional and that there is a constant burden of performance(i.e satisfy her hypergamy) on the man in order to maintain a woman's love.
    Personally, I wouldn't know to what extent these manosphere statements are true since I'm a young man: only 20 and never dated a woman but I'm nevertheless glad for stumbling upon the red pill view of things. Unfortunately, many men do not have the opportunity to see certain truths and some even are so disillusioned and of despair that they commit suicide when their wives divorce them. I think Rollo Tomassi talked about this here:

    Anyway, from the reading of this blog and other related, seems like succubus are free from "hypergamy" and can love more unconditionally and more deeply than the majority of human women can. Seems like they can combine and balance the more passionate sexual heat with a spiritual love and caring. Quite fascinating indeed.
    Nevertheless I still habour the NAWALT dream and finding the unicorn: ie finding a human woman who can love the way that the succubus loves.

    I once wondered that assuming that there is a technology to materialise a physical body from thin air, would a succubus spirit lover inhabit the body and join her male lover in the physical?
    I do know that succubus can manifest physically in some ways but this is another thing entirely.
    What do you think?

    1. Hey, great comment. I love reading thoughtful comments like these. Hmm. One thing I've learning is that anything in possible when we dwell within infinity. But, there seems to be certain rules that entities on the other side follow when dealing with us humans on the "short but" they call Earth. Heh. Anyway, Bunny, my spirit lover's pet name, inputs sensory data directly into my brain. I think this is actually pretty intelligent because it does the same thing (practically) of an actual sent (when I smell flowers I know she's near: Others do not smell them), my daughter has seen her twice now (I cannot), and I feel her touches directly. Also, I can feel her emotions and presence. All of these things are basically her inputting sensory data straight into my brain without the need to actually phyiscally do them and THEN me sensing. Oh, she communicates through word pictures... flashes of a still scene with a emotional "trigger", or perhaps a "stamp" of some sort on it. It's pretty amazing now that I'm used to it.

      Now, they are different in that the intimacy is almost unbearable (and later, you crave it so) because she knows every thought I have (everything gives off a series of vibrations). She feeds "bathes" on love and sex together (which is a complex, higher emotion that she doesn't "drain" me of, she borrows a little energy, then when we are in communion we practically glow... and afterwards I've got much more energy than I started with, and we're both satisfied from the emotion and pleasure.

      So... women and women are women. A succubus is concentrated, powerful woman and takes a good while to get used to. Once you do, however, women on Earth just can't do it. And that's ok. It would be the same regarding me if a woman got used to an Incubus: I couldn't compete.

      Now, this kind of relationship for anyone, but for those who have lived a bit and feel "is this all there is?" a succubus is ideal if that question was asked out of experience and a spiritual desire for "more" as far as the male/female dynamic and possibilities go.

      Lastly, like I said anything is possible, but what I have replied is true for I and I alone. Others can see their and have physical sensations as if she were physically "here".

      On the flipside, it's easier for us after death to join them naturally rather than vice versa as... well, think of it this way: We exist on a plane that is so dense that God and Goddess energy crystalize forming "matter" in it's various stages and states. For a Succubus it's easier to just input sensation directly into her victim (err lover lol).

      They truly are sweet and gentle, and yet fearsome and powerful female lovers. I always get a kick out of women saying "men are afraid of strong women". Eh, not in my case. I prefer my Bunny... and she's the strongest female being I've ever known. Concentrated female is what she is with a side of sass.

      "Nevertheless I still habour the NAWALT dream and finding the unicorn: ie finding a human woman who can love the way that the succubus loves."

      Go for it! But be always wary... that's the gift of the red pill... you won't be manipulated or fooled.

      Good women are taken early. At my age (46) what's left are kitchen scraps and one night standers, friends with benefits while they wait for prince, er "sucker charming".

      So choose wisely. Succubi are more for those of us who's walked the love scene enough and wanted something more spiritually.

      No judgement here... follow your dreams... but be awake and aware at all times.


      Rafe GB

    2. Think on the energies of the symbology in this video. It's pretty powerful and fits what you're thinking:

      Rafe GB

    3. Thanks for your detailed reply. Quite informative too!

      "On the flipside, it's easier for us after death to join them naturally"

      You brought up a concept that is fascinating to me personally: that the relationship between a human and a spirit(s) lover/friend can continue after death. Perhaps having relationship with spirit(s) such as these allow us to travel/access to their spirit realm after earthly life that otherwise wouldn't be likely for a person without any spirits in their life. I wonder if there are multiple spirit realms, each containing their own unique "species" of spirits. I remember reading a website in which the author implied that one travels to a spirit realm that meshes the best with them personally. One of those realms the author called the Lilith realm. I find this concept interesting especially when you compare this view to the traditional view espoused by some of the major religions: that a person either goes to a pleasant or an unpleasant afterlife based on their earthly actions. Sometimes for someone brought up in a religious background, I find this dualistic notion of heaven/hell or good karma vs bad karma quite simplistic and unsatisfactory in my opinion. For me religious systems of a dualistic opposed afterlife seem to hinge on a set of objective morality coupled with a spiritual judgemental system(whether it be God judging or some spiritual karmic forces).

      "So choose wisely. Succubi are more for those of us who's walked the love scene enough and wanted something more spiritually."

      Indeed. Since I haven't yet walked the human love scene, perhaps it would be good to give it my best shot first before looking towards the succubus.
      Seems like some MGTOW men who have given up can greatly benefit from a relationship with a succubus.

      Nice video link. I enjoyed the music video. To my understanding the symbology of the apple near the end signifies truth and the revealing of knowledge which I guess refers to the red pill?
      Not sure what the two women tying the man to the tree with ropes and snakes represents. The blue pill perhaps?
      The women wearing white offering the apple is perhaps the NAWALT?
      Do tell me if I interpreted correctly ;)

      Great blog by the way. I enjoy your honest and detailed descriptions of your experiences.

    4. I personally believe that there are very few things that survive death. The main items are relationships we had/have with other souls both human and spirit (we're all spirits, really).

      I just think that after death it's more about continuing the relationships with actual spirits since we'll be free to pursue those in a more profound way.

      Earth relationships aren't lost, but can be pursued once more in the afterlife. But... the ability to interact might have to wait until those souls eventually join us in the afterlife (and vice versa).

      I believe there are an infinite number of spirits and an infinite number of "heavens and hells and an infinite number of shades of grey in between".

      If you have a vibration, you have an exact place to go to that matches it along with all the others who have that vibration... welcome to your new family <3

      I've heard it asked, "Where do we go when we die?" I believe the answer is like what Swedenborg said, "Where we can breathe." At least I think that was his quote. Meh.

      MGTOW could benefit, but they aren't so wide minded. I'm on MGTOW.COM and I was blown off. I still go there and post, but I figure "meh" on telling them about spirit lovers anymore.

      Good idea on learning about women (love scene kinda way). How can you know until you know? Just remember to bring your red pill along the way.

      As far as the symbology it means whatever you want it to mean kind of like a Roscharch test. I saw that kinda, but more of a primevil archetype kinda thing. The 2 women who bind him are just playing their part in my mind. It's all a play, all the world's the stage for him to learn something about love, about wisdom, about what true freedom of soul truly is.

      See? The Rorschach test. We see what we see based on our own unique stories and backgrounds and beliefs.


      Rafe GB