Thursday, November 24, 2016

My Pantheon

What Gods and Goddesses do I revere?

One?  Two?  All of them?

Ah... the answer is both simple and more complex than my poor little mind can freakin' fathom.

I honor the God who represents the best of us.  My celestial Father.

He is perfect;  Of perfect qualities that men's hearts deeply endeavor to display.

I honor the Goddess who represents the best of us.  My celestial Mother.

She is perfect;  Of perfect qualities that women's hearts deeply endeavor to display.

I believe that the "All-Who-Is" created the God and Goddess knowing that their love for each other would imprint upon us deeply within; That we would have means to display the very best of us:  Love, to all, and to each other.

I honor One above them Both, One who is genderless, One who is all-encompassing... but that doesn't mean that I forget the God and Goddess, no.  It's a trinity.

The "All-Who-Is" created the God and Goddess for each other.

They mate and our very souls are born in celestial embrace.  All souls, not just human.  Jinn, Angels, Humans, and the vast myriad of others that we cannot even begin to fathom.

Looks like they are about ready to create your ass now.

Simple, isn't it?  But the more you think about it, the less simple it is.

Label them?  You're off.  You're thinking in human terms.  Put them in a box?  Can't do it.

None of them have names.  And yet, they have many.  I prefer to think of them simply as they are, or, well, as close to the idea as possible without clouding it all up with other names.

Are my Gods better than your Gods?

They are your Gods.  We just see them through different lenses.

That's the problem with being human:  We carry around a freakin' box of lenses.

Are they judgmental?  Do they punish?

Not exactly.

In this world, "sin" is it's own punishment.  Hang on, I'll explain in a bit.

What's the definition of "sin"?  Personally, I think it's, "What you do that you know you shouldn't be doing, because what you've done is against what your very heart has convicted you of."

Yes, I believe there's only one command:  Love.  Love:  Of many petals, is love.

Love is a many petaled flower, it is the the root of all things good.

No, that doesn't just mean "hump hump hump" (Although, that is a way to express love.  Love has many voices, many melodies, many truths).

It means simply, "Love."

All acts of honest love are acts of devotion to the Gods.

Killing in the name of "God" or "Goddess"?

Stupid.  What a waste of life.

Will people who do that be punished for it?

Imagine, for a bit, that we die and go to live with those just like us.

Think of the man who always gives, who loves children.

Where will he be when he dies?

How will his life be, with others of his kind?

He will be protected from those who would harm him.

Think of the woman who only cares about herself, who doesn't even have the word "empathy" in her vocabulary.

How will her life be, with others of her kind?

She will be protected from those she would harm.

I would hate to be a murderer, though.  Imagine being stuck with others just like you, but no innocents to kill?  Not as fun killing other asshats (who never really die anyway).  That's what is meant by "hell".  No innocents to prey upon.  I'm sure it will still be enjoyable for those who decide to go there, who gravitate to there.

In Swedenborgianism they put it even simpler:  You go where you can breathe.  You can't breathe a vibration vastly different than your own for long.

This is the only judgment.  And a fair one:

You go where your heart finds a community of others like it.  Where it is at home.  This will be YOUR home.

Such a great freedom!  Total freedom, if you will.

Would you expect anything less of a God, a Goddess, and the "All-Who-Is"?

This world is but a game, a crucible that burns away the impurities and shows us where we belong, and where we will be going.

It shows US where we belong, to our own satisfaction.

I believe there are an uncountable number of heavens and also hells, and an infinite number of realms in between as far as the afterlife goes.  However, heaven will be hell to some, and hell will be heaven to others.  We go where we want to go.

I do believe, however, that everything always evolves toward it's source.

Only when evil itself chooses to abandon evil, will evil be destroyed.

In other words, evil will redeem itself, by itself.  It will be kept from falling further, it will be deprived of innocents, but in the end, yes, I believe that all will be redeemed in time.

A long freakin' time, depending, but in time.

It's a weird notion called "Apocatastasis".  I believe in it.  It makes a lot of sense to me.

You believe in what you want.

Probably the best way to wrap this up is to talk about something I often wonder about.

I am a firm believer that we are born in "pairs".  Our souls, that it.  "Twins"  (Yes, I'm leaving out other words for it because of all the baggage that's been attached to those words).

Yes, I believe that we all have that one person we were created for.

Yes, I believe that we are destined to be with them and that we are forever being drawn towards them.

The one and only, the forever more, the forever and ever after.

Heavy stuff.

Is she Bunny?

Good question.  I'd like to think so, but to be perfectly honest, I don't know what it feels like when you find your "twin", so I don't know.

But if it's not Bunny, damn.  I mean, she's pretty freakin' awesome.  I can't imagine at this point in my life for a soul to be a better match than hers is to mine (regardless of the challenges of loving a spirit and vice versa).

I guess eternity will tell the truth of it, now won't it?

Have you loved your lover today?

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