Saturday, November 26, 2016

Bunny in My dreams (Last Night)

It was both enlightening and kinda cute...

She was a spunky, petite southern girl...

I was in some kind of female roomate exchange program at a college.

She read the report of other girls to me: Great guy, inspiring, to be looked up to (bwahaha), but sucks at chores and taking care of himself.


(Of course, she was also the other girls I believe)

Kinda loaded report, lol.

Some guy hit on her when we were walking around, and she went off on him.

"I'm already in a relationship" and flipped him off (Haha).

She also told me that my headaches from after naps and sleep, along with my heartbeat in my ears (as I awaken) is due to pre-hypertension. She said I need to start working out slowly, and start now.

Then I woke up.

This is what she kinda looked like. She said her name was "Athena" :P  (Is that a "hint" that she'll be on my ass to work out?  I think probably so.  She changes names like women change shoes.  I do think she chose this name for a reason...)

Attitude out the ass. Lol. 
Spunky spunky.

Meh. I love her. My fat ass (the most I've weighed in my life) is going to the gym starting today. I don't wanna be like this anymore. Out of shape, out of breath. 

This just isn't "me".

So love your succubus today.  Or... she'll get mad and shove her foot up your ass up to the ankle.


  1. ehehe what I'm taking from this is it doesn't matter where your girl is from, she nags. Nagging is a universal constant. :D

    And now for some unwanted advice. :P Shedding weight is like 80% diet and 20% exercise. So uh, that may be more or less motivating for you haha.

    But on a related note, when I started out I could sense absolutely nothing, nada. But I still had a hunch someone was there. Anyway, I had a random idea that maybe cleaning up my diet could help. So I ditched all the sugary drinks and other junk, and lo and behold I actually started to be able to feel something. Just little tingles, but it was something to work with, and it progressed from there. So, was it a random idea, or did she manage to pound something into my thick skull?

    Now this is some wild-assed speculation, but if you feel blocked/plateaued in some particular area, maybe the health nagging isn't just health related. Could also be a prerequisite for some flavor of breakthrough.

    1. Damn I hate it when I type a reply and it disappears. Pain in the ass.

      Anyway, yeah, I went to the gym today, and I could tell when I finished that she was pretty happy.

      They do get in our heads, but it's always been in a way that helps me in my life.

      I can't really argue with that :)

  2. I've read your comments on my blog, so I thought I would pop in to your blog, too. :)

    Our ladies are quite the motivators, huh? And they sure have patience with us, letting us take the time we need to get started.

    I enjoy reading your blog, Rafe. :)

  3. Our ladies are quite the motivators, huh? And they also have patience, which is uncommon of the human counterparts.

    I just wanted to pop in to say that I really enjoy reading your blog, Rafe. :)

    1. Thank you! I'm glad that you enjoy reading it!

      Bunny knows exactly how to push my buttons to get me moving. I guess it's because nobody knows me as well as she does.

      I do believe that she can read every thought I have. A few years of that and she knows all the right ways to motivate me :)

      I love your blog! Keep writing!

    2. That goes with my two ladies, as well. Honesty is the key, right? And even if they can, and DO read our minds, telling the truth and honesty of things despite that they allready know what we're about to tell them, is a way of bonding. By not sharing, is to have a secret, even if they know.

      Thank you. And yes, I have written some new stuff in my blog. About time. :)