Thursday, November 5, 2015

The Succubus Sabbatical

It needs to be brought out in the open that my relationship with my Succubus is going to be different in ways than anyone else's with their own.  We are all different, and there is no exception.

True, there are similarities, but in the end we are all different.

Sometimes I become too addicted to her.  She knows this.  Succubi are very addicting both physically and mentally, as well as sexually.

So, sometimes she asks me to withdraw my attention until I am balanced again.

Off goes the sigil necklace, the sigil ring to be placed behind a black veil that shrouds her home I have crafted and placed on the wall (aka Tyson's method of constructing a spirit's "home"), and she asks I quit thinking of her completely.

She isn't going anywhere, but she does withdraw.  And she means it.

Once this happens, I end up learning new things on my own, live more in the physical realm called "life" for us walking about, and again take up my magickal and spiritual path.

At first, I used to become angry at her for doing this (probably signs of addiction right there), but now I get it, to a degree.

She's not gone, she's allowing me to ground myself.

I often do wonder, however, if others experience the same thing, or if it's personal due to her love for me in keeping my addictive personality in check?


  1. I figured out why she's doing it. I'm SO CLOSE to achieving a part of dream control as part of my studies in conscious reality... She's removed herself for a while so I have the "running room" to make the leap...

  2. So to get it right: she helps you, to not loose yourself complety in her and get rid of the "real" world ?

    That's real amazing, what for companions these beings are... *lovly eyes*

    1. Yep. They never cease to amaze me.