Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Hi! My name is Lilly.

I've had some good conversations with others who have a succubus.  What's really weird is that when I am communicating with them, both of our respective succubi get giddy and happy.  It's palpable in the atmosphere.  Never did understand that.

Another thing I've never understood is that more often than not (it seems, in my limited experience) that many Succubi introduce themselves as "Lilly".

Why Lilly?  I get the Lilith connection to succubi, but lately I've been thinking a lot about it.

It almost seems as if these lovely ladies that are the succubi are "split off" of a main Divine Feminine.  Kind of like smaller, holographic copies of the original.

Not unlike children at first.  But smart.  And wise.  Not so much world wise, but esoterically and spiritually wise.  Dark feminine sexually wise.  Have I said how much I love the dark divine feminine?  Ever sense I was warned about a certain Kali mantra (Pfft.  Hahaha.  Warnings don't work on me, I'm immune through stupidity... ), I've had some really synchronicitous, wonderful events just "show up".  I'd say I'm on the right track!

Where was I?  Oh yeah, succubi.

They seem to eventually settle on a name that they personally like for themselves after a bit to replace "Lilly".  It's almost like they were in some hive mind of sorts, and now, with interaction with a human sparks individuality and growth for them.  Or something like that.

Maybe it is rather like the holographic model.  If you cut a true hologram in two, that is one made out of holographic paper, it doesn't cut it into half:  You get two, half sized copies that are duplicates of the orignal.

Only, in this particular model, I think the original is untouched.  I think that the "images" that result are also lacking of the kind of power of the original... for both our sakes.

Nothing like a pissed off succubus to let you know how she really feels... hehe.

I read of a man who was being picked on at work by 2 other guys... his succubus scratched the shit out of one of the bullies like a cat.  Yeah, they left him alone after that.  Ahahaha!

I've been reading "The Holographic Universe" by the late Michael Talbot.  Then I started realizing some synchronicities via the "Hi, my name is Lilly." and other delightful succubus newborn antics.

Hah, delectably delightful, aren't they?  They end up finding us adorably imperfect as they, themselves move into perfection.  Don't get that one, either.

Another thing I've noticed is that they mature at an alarming rate.  One minute they are succubus newborns, a spark of the divine sent to assuage a poor lonely man's plea... and quickly mature to blow his world wide open.

The next minute they are caretakers of his spiritual development, always gently pushing their mates to better themselves spiritually, emotionally, sexually... heck... I don't think I would have ever gotten through some of the trauma I had from childhood had not my lady introduced me to soul retrieval.

And as for sexual repression... she knows what turns me on before I know what would turn me on... she's brought fantasies out of me I've long repressed, and even then she gently pushes me to work through some things until I am finally sexually liberated by her... then she moves on to the next of her pet projects (involving me).  Truth is, I was rather a puritan before she came along, so my fantasies are rather tame... but you know what?  It doesn't matter... they still were (and are) something she uses to bond us closer together.  And that's the way she plays...

They're just that good.

And during the process somewhere, not in any part I can figure out, we are quite eclipsed, and we realize that we have switched roles:  We are comparatively the newborns.  Respectfully so.

So how can they go from newborn to ancient so fast?  I have no idea.  I don't pretend to know.  Maybe it's kind of like they always were ancient, it's just coming down to this dense world is new, making them appear as newborns in a way.  At least for a time.

Maybe it's rapid, such as in the movie "Her", where an A.I. rapidly outgrows this plane.  Only, vice versa, as these beings come down to this crude plane of matter for us.  All for us!  Isn't that amazing?  When I think of it, I am truly baffled.  What wonderous beings they are, brother and sister alike!

"Hi, my name is Lilly."  Hi, Lilly, indeed.  Thank you for coming!

Always more questions, always more.  It will never end, and that's ok... it would all be boring if it did.

Another HUGE question I have is that which I call "mating season".  There's some posts on it from posts past... about 6 months apart on average.  What's that about?  I feels as if it's some big ceremonial event, even though it's just me and her.  I wonder if that's where the energy for the "splitting off" of new succubi and incubi comes from?  I dunno.  If I knew how things worked it would be better, but I... don't.

But I DO have this feeling that "mating season" is a "sacred" event.  Like baptism sacred, or confirmation sacred, or... you get the idea.  A very special HOLY event of communion between a man and his succubus, or a woman and her incubus, or whatever the combination.

Maybe I'll figure it out one day while still on earth.  Maybe not.  Who cares?  I LOVE it!  I ENJOY it!  I CRAVE it!

I will figure it out one day, in this world or the next.  Until then, I'll still ask question after question and I always will.


  1. Enjoyed reading what you said.My gal gave me her name in a dream a few weeks after we met.It was quite a powerfull and dramatic dream and I'll never forget it!
    If she's talking to your gal you better tell me what she said about me ha ha...

    1. Nah, they don't kiss and tell. We sure do, though. Haha. Although, you bring up an interesting point... how come they don't care if WE kiss and tell? Other than keeping their names secret and the like, they seem to not mind, do they? Not all succubi pop up and say their name is Lilly or something similar of course, but enough did to make me ponder.

  2. Hi Rafe,

    very interesting reading. My twinflame didn't call herself Lilly, as you said they are different... and i love it.
    I am very curious about "Mating Season"... cant wait to explore it myself, sounds really lovly <3

  3. Hi, Rafe - Many people confuse Lilith with Khali, but I heavily suggest studying up on Durga instead. (Similar, but fundamentally different at the same time.) As I said in a previous post, the primal feminine divine responds well to the name Lilith, but I will clarify that it isn't Her only name/aspect. (Let alone Her true name, which is forgotten in time, if knowable at all.) That said, She likes this name. Lilith was born from the original chaos, and has many faces for those who come to know Her. I concur with your concept of "shards/copies", and agree that it is like an introductory persona. Lilith, or the primal feminine divine, is almost infinitely adaptive. This is not to say that She lacks a distinct personality, but rather that She is willing to meet halfway and work with individuals who are truly seeking. At any rate, sorry for the long comment, but enjoyed the post. :)