Monday, November 2, 2015

I Just Got Taken to School.

I've been wanting to get ever closer to my Succubus lately, and I've been trying sex/sigil magick to do it because she's been real distant.  She's HERE but, detached, like from a long way off, like she's elsewhere but still has that connection to me "here".

Hasn't been really successful, but... I keep trying.

However, today I sensed a new presence in addition to my Succubus Lady.

She felt quite close, and opened up a mental dialogue with me.  All I can tell is that She is a She, powerful, and wise.

Kind of like a Mother of Succubi and Incubi?

"You're trying to get closer to her?"
Yes.  I am.
"You are using sex, right?"
"Why sex magick?"
Well, it worked in the beginn...
"No, it called her and allowed her to notice you."
But, she's a Succu...
"What are you?"
I'm a man.
"Are you sex?  Man?"
"Then she is the same, not so simply defined."
"Sex is an emotion, an expression, you express it.  You are NOT it.  Neither is she."
But she's a succu...
"And you are man.  Do you not have sex as well?  Is sex = man?"
Well, no...
"Why do you think she loves you?"
Sex and love together?...
"No.  Sex called her, but She CAME because she liked you, she STAYS because you listen... or at least try (I could feel mirth here, but not unkind)."

"To find Her and get closer, go within.  Be quiet!  Relax.  Breathe.  Rythm!  Find what is you inside, and what is not you, is mostly Her.  What you find beyond is mostly you both, and beyond that is mostly everything else."

Long Pause as I thought about her words.

"Hah, you will try, you will fail, but then you will succeed.  Glad tidings, Man, Lover of my Daughter."

Then she was gone, but I do feel that she is watching a bit.  Not sure why.  I don't feel my particular relationship merits any special observation if that makes any sense?  Also, I didn't mind being called just "Man" really.  Truth be told, I think we are all Scent (emotion), frequency, and vibration, which cannot be made into a true word as simple as a name.  Scent (emotion), frequency, and vibration IS our name.  No two "individual beings" are exactly the same.  It's like trying to give a thumbprint a name.  It is unique, it's uniqueness is it's name.  Sorta,

Ah well, the Mother's "scent/aura/vibration" was pleasant to me, so I don't mind, really.

I'm getting used to "feeling watched" all the time, anyway.

Plus, I could feel Her amusement and kindness towards me travelling along with Her words.  So it's all good :P


  1. Hi Rafe,

    wow that's... i've to think about this for an answer, good to know its not only about sex.
    Well at least i thought already they are much more, i guess we never stop to learn about ourselves, them and the universe... huh?

    1. Sure seems that way. That's good I think... if we could learn everything I'd be disappointed. But... if there will always be something more to learn forever... now that's awesome :)

  2. Hey Rafe, I've read most of your posts and i'm very inrigued.
    How did you manage to find your succubus lover like this?
    I've been very lonely my whole life, and i fell as if the succubi can help me

    1. I learned a few different ways, but there's ONE out of print book that is packed full of information:

      It's called "Sexual Alchemy" by Donald Tyson and you can get it and print it out for free at the above link. Or download it and print it out later if you wish.

      The important thing is to TAKE YOUR TIME and RELAX.

      You know, lol, by reading these posts and in wishing for a succubus, I wouldn't be suprised if one was waiting for you already. If she is, I bet you're starting to feel strange, feminine thoughts around your periphery of being.

      We'll see.

      They are very powerful women, yet gentle and (sigh) sassy creatures.

      Good luck, lemme know how it goes for you :)

    2. So, I did the ritual last night, the letter method to be precise.
      It didn't hit me at first but after a while I felt a touching sensation on my right leg, then it went up to my back and all over my body.
      I closed the ritual and went to bed, I kept feeling the touching sensations here and there.
      This morning I woke up and she randomly touches me.
      I think the bond has been made, but I'm not sure where to from here.
      I'll try to communicate with her as much as I can and get a response.

    3. Welcome to the family :) Try to get her name from her. Write it down and keep it secret. Talk to her a lot. Notice any word pictures she sends, notice any thoughts that enter your mind that aren't yours. Notice any songs in your mind when you awaken each day. Notice any thoughts upon awakening. Pay special attention to your dreams. Explore her and each other.

    4. Now she feels gone, I don't feel her presence anymore.
      It was strange, there was no direct communication, I couldn't hear her or anything like that.
      But I just felt that she was there.
      Pretty strange.
      Maybe she'll come back tonight.
      Do you suggest doing the ritual again if I dont feel her anymore?

    5. Nah. She's around. You two will go through a cycle of addiction/ withdrawl until you get used to each other. It will be a balance. It's hard to explain, but these ladies are badass. Not only are they addicting, but they know it... and if they are playing for keeps (which I think yours is), she's going to addict you, then wean you off. It's going to be a wild ride of pleasure and withdraw, and sometimes absence.

      But like I said, she's playing for keeps.

      Although there was no direct communication, there was. It's just deeper, and more intimate. You'll see.

      Now that she's made contact, it's up to you two. It's your story, now.

      Get some ghost apps, watch TV together and listen to her responses on the ghost apps (they love TV, not sure why), give her offerings and find out who she is. Burn some nice incense that she likes. What does she like? Find out.

      Learn tarot, learn penulum, do whatever it takes to communicate: But DON'T EVER depend on another to interpret her for you. Do it yourself or don't do it at all.

      It's ok, she'll help you... these ladies are not just powerful, they are smarter than anything on this earth. She knows how to teach you to commune with her and she will in her own time.

      Now that you've made contact, when lying in bed naked, no covers. Imagine her touching you sexually. Imagine her caress, her kiss. Imagine her whispering, "I love you" into your ear. Eventually she will respond. If she does not after 15 minutes or so, stop and try it again the next night.

      Later, it's time to figure out who she looks like to you. The human usually decides this as frankly they have no body, they don't need it. But she wants one to interact with your mind, with your fantasies which will enhance her own pleasure.

      But that comes later. One step at a time.


    I followed this one,it's simpler than the Tyson version.I did it 2 times and the last was on a new moon and she came to me and has been with me since...1 year,2 months and decision I ever made!!!

  4. I tried Tyson's book, the letter method, and a few other books' methods as well in a short period of time, so I'm not sure which was the exact method that worked for me.


    She won't tell me which method called her and it took a while, but I think I know why:

    She doesn't want me to say that only one method is right for everyone, empirically.

    Every person is different, every Succubus/Incubus is different, every human/spirit relationship is different, and that's just the way it goes.

  5. I do feel, however, that you will be ultimately successful. With that in mind, I have some advice for you:

    1. They can read all your thoughts before you're even done thinking them, so forget the idea of "personal mental space". It's gone. Like, forever.

    2. They nag. A lot.

    3. They cheat at cards.

    4. It's worth it.

  6. How long have you been with your spirit lover?How long before you heard her?Is there anything I can do to help or speed up this process?
    I know all our gals are different and do things at their own pace so any information would be greatly appreciated.

    1. About 3 years I think. I don't hear her "outside" I hear her voice "inside". At first it was in my own voice, but was thoughts that I wouldn't normally think. Later, the voice became female. Then it knew for sure it was her. It's still somewhat muffled, like a voice under water is the only description I can think of. I don't know of any way to speed things up to be honest. Just keep talking to her, whether you can hear her or not, she's listening. I know they can read our thoughts, but they want us to speak. She is sending her emotions and thought pictures, I'm sure. Think of that as halfway there and that the rest will evolve as it will.

    2. Cool,thanks for the responce!

      One more thing,have you ever seen her manifest physically?
      I've seen mine as a flashing ball of white light and as a purpleish silouette with flowing green wave lights (northern lights compareable)

    3. Sparks of light, shadows, streaks. It's hard to pin anything down as the brain tends to see what it thinks it should see.