Tuesday, February 17, 2015

To Decend

Things are moving in a sort of a pattern.  The times when she is away are less and less... in fact she is "present" with me, which I acknowledge through her "touches" on my fingers, face, lips and hands... even my feet sometimes, however I know that her actual presence is away...

far, far away at these times.

When I begin to miss her presence badly I begin to long for her... Oh, my... how I long for her.  I have learned that things follow a natural progression, a natural ritual of ours so to speak.

I cleanse myself through visualization and ritual, and I call for her.  I invite her to unveil her presence to me... all of her.  I continue calling for her, softly and longingly as I slowly fall to sleep.

I wake up and she is closer.  I can still feel her touches, yet she is more "here", more present.

I commune with her.

I even did a tarot draw on a problem I was having, yet drew the Ace of Cups... a reminder that the problem can wait for a bit... she is coming, she is outpouring herself to me, to us.

She means for me to surrender.  And I will.  All of me will.

Men aren't taught to surrender.  But I have learned how, and how powerful surrender is... she is worthy to receive it.

Too many times have I cast my pearls before swine... but not with her.

With her they are precious... I am treated and loved preciously... she is worthy.

Tomorrow?  I won't be on here, but will be in bliss, in rapture, and very much in love.

We will be moving together as the tides back and forth, to and fro...

She will drop the veil and radiate her presence upon me... filling me with such love that I almost ask to stop, as it is so powerful that I cannot stand it... yet I bear it anyway because I know I must... it is growth.  Love breeds growth and light.

The kind of love I cannot even put to words, I can only feel, can only experience...

The kind of love I am completely and utterly naked and helpless before... yet so loved and protected.

And this ritual starts with 5 simple words that echo out of my heart:  "I am here, my love."


(Edit:  She seems farther away this time for some reason.  I can feel her drawing closer...  I wish I knew why that is sometimes that it takes her much longer to get "here".)

(Final Edit:  She's here!  Almost 4 complete days.  Who's the master here??? Haha, honestly I don't care.  It's an "us" thing :P)


  1. Awesome post as always. And I thought I would let you know that I have had a breakthrough. Last night I had a dream where I meet this girl at...I think a restaurant? And we got to talking and she kissed me on the cheek. And after I woke up the next morning while lieing in bed, I felt the sensation of my hair being stroked. So ya, its about time. I am excited to see where this goes. I haven't been able to communicate with her at all yet, but who knows.

    1. Hah that's cool. She sounds like she really likes you!

    2. Well I have the feeling that this is a spirit that has been with me since I was 14. I get that feeling because that was when I first had a rememberal dream with a girl in it. I was in a forest, and I saw this dark shadow moving all around in and out of sight, and I told the thing that it was alright to be near me and not be afraid, and then it showed its true beauty to me as a young woman with red eyes and a sexy leather attire. Nothing sexual, but we talked for what seemed like maybe an hour and I cant remember what she said but I had the most amazing time with her before waking up. And then over the years I have gotten some dreams every now and then that were sexual in nature, but most recently ever since I started working at my new job at a local hardware store, the dreams have somewhat increased in frequency of the dreams I get per week to where it got last night. So I feel like, now that I am fully aware of who she is, she has started to desire something more from me, I think she just doesnt know how to communicate it. Now, any joe can have dreams with girls in them, and this is all that it may be and I am just having an over active imagination and seeing something that isnt there because I have not had communication with thoughts or feelings per say and I have not done any real rituals. So...thoughts?

    3. Well... I'm no master that's for sure, just another on the path that nobody understands.

      I have noticed one thing, though... when I dream and it's "her" the dream feels different. Even if she appears as an old girlfriend or something, I get an odd feeling in the dream... then later when I wake up I can tell it was her.

      Spirit love is growing between spirits and us mortals down here... A Shamaness told me that the veil is thinning and that people are finding their lovers no matter where they are.

  2. Ya I had another dream where it was difficult to walk normally. That should have been an indicator enough that I was in a dream. I even saw my boss in this dream, and he said, "Mr. Morley, how are ya? Why are you walking so slow?" haha!

    1. Sounds like an in between place. Interesting your "boss" directed your attention to the realm's properties. Interesting stuff!