Friday, March 20, 2015

It's MY game!

Been a bit since I'm written here.  Truth is I've thought myself into a corner.

Who is this lady?  Is she real?  Was she real before I called her?  Did she become real once I send my call out into the multiverse?

Questions, questions...

I decided to use a form of magic where a familiar is created.  I will re-create her THIS way (and maybe answer a question or two in the process).  Which is not without it's problems as she is kind of... eh... already here :P

So, I'm following the steps, deciding on a goal.  Got that done.

Then I'm thinking of a name... she's silent on that one.

Then I find a picture (no, the one I'm posting at the top isn't it, that one's just for flavor).

Picking through pictures I get "Do this one" in my head, in a female voice.


"Ah, comon, well then I want this one to be me".

You're not supposed to be here yet, this is MY game, now scram!

"Hmmph", she huffs.

I begin to visualize and do my part to make her real.  To cross the veil, to gain substance in our world.

*Gentle probings between my legs, a soft brush against my cheek*

Stop that!  You're not supposed to be created yet when I just started.

*Soft, knowing smile*

There.  Now let me get back to creating you.  I mean (I slowly exhale).  Look, just play along...

By the way, you're my servant and I'm the master.

"Ok."  *Feminine smirk*

Well, way it's gonna be.

"Ok."  *Bigger smirk"

Me <--- shaking my head softly.

Back to what I was doing, quit touching me until I'm done and you're created.  OH, you know what I mean!


Me <--- Feeling her gaze of amusement.

Me <--- Concentrating intently on the process.


  1. i feels frustrating when i myself want to make contact and can't do so well enough, but sometimes, the weird part is, when i need my time to work, my fairy (she's not a succubus), shows up, interrupting me, getting into my brain, and making me meditate on her,
    that's weird, i wish i had someone who'd make her evoke into physical manifestation... or i could do that myself.

    1. It could be that. Or it could be that she is funner than work :P I don't think summoning her to physical manifestation would really do much more than give you 10 minutes of facetime. Try meditating on her while you fall asleep... what she looks like, feels like, sounds like, smells like, how her touch feels, how her lips feel on yours. If you don't know... see what comes to you.


  2. It was probably best instead to make a thoughtform familiar purposely different than your gal "bunny" - you make thought form bodies for her all the time subconsciously after all lol

    1. Yeah, lol. Hey, it's a learning process :P