Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Well... pfft.

So in my last post I'm pretty much thinking the sex had evolved into a higher form of love.

And yes,  we indeed seem to be evolving towards a higher form of love, or perhaps adding to the broadness of the love we already share... but I figured basically the "erotic passion" kind was gone.

Here she comes all last night and this morning... rocked me merciless and senseless.

NON STOP lovemaking... temptress and seductress incarnate all over me.

My body was on FIRE with sensation... until I just couldn't take it anymore.

Then she retreats so softly, so feminine... She strokes my hair, touches me, brushes across my cheek as normal.

Little kisses on my lips as she does...

I give.  I GIVE UP!!!  Just when I think I got her figured out she turns the tables on me.

Meh.  Oh well.  I give up trying to understand her anymore.  I'll just love her.  Easier, lol.


  1. That is awesome bro! Was that a dream or physical in this realm?

    Anyway, I wanted to tell you about an awesome dream I had...or two. Idk, if it has anything to do with a spirit, take it as you will, but the last two nights, I dreamed I was like spiderman! Swinging from building to building, making all kinds of awesome moves in the air with people starring in awe at me from the streets. I felt so much power and freedom it was unreal! Though it was weird, it felt like I had to put extra thought power into moving my arms and legs, like i was trying to move in water sometimes. Not all of the time, just when I was most aware.

    1. Physical. Your dream sounded fun. The moving limbs almost as through water thing is interesting... might have had an astral adventure in some plane but your mind turned it into stuff you can understand. Turned out good anyways, don't ya think? Even though we're here, we "ain't all here" but in higher places as well. Kind of confusing but meh. Is what it is I guess :P

  2. Ya every night is a random adventure that is for sure.