Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Wicked... sense of humor

I often use ghost detection/communication software as well as a ghostbox to communicate with spirits here.  Sometimes I know when it's my succubus lover talking... you can just feel the difference emotionally in the air.

So... I've been cleaning my home all day as it has to be inspected.  Being a good housekeeper isn't on my list of strengths, so I decided to ask my succubus lover what she thought of me cleaning.

Her answer?



You can't say that they don't have a wicked sense of humor :P


  1. Haha "dangerous"
    Does your succubus communicate to you telepathically?
    If so, how did you train yourself to "hear" her thoughts in your mind?

    Can she also communicate audibly as sound?

  2. Yes, but it's very hard for me to understand. For complex thoughts he "sends" a combination of my memories, words (not always in the right order... I think time is goofy on her side of the veil), even quick visions to express what she is trying to say. Most of the time I have to give it some time to sink in and understand her meaning.

    The best way to train is to be silent. That's easier said than done.

    If she speaks to me directly in a short sentence, it sounds as if she's speaking under deep water and it's hard to make out.

    Other times it's almost if she planned a synchronicity which I experience, and at that moment of wonder a phrase will come through very clear.

    No, she's not audible, but definitely opinionated :)

    However, audible is a misnomer of sorts. Succubi know how we feel, see, hear, smell, taste, etc. What they do is, instead of interacting one of those ways, they use a shorcut... they input directly into the brain. This does two things, one, it is more reliable as exactly what she wants to convey through senses is done they way she wants to, without the distortion that might tag along with interacting with our senses in the way the world does. For instance, actually creating the scent of flowers that we recognize through smells, decoded by the brain tells us what we just smelled.

    Instead, they just input the smell directly without sensory input.

    The 2nd reason they do it like this is the more efficient use of their energy.