Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Faery Lovers of Gaelic Scotland

I've been looking for this.

"Succubus" is just a label.  There are many, many different kinds of spirit lovers.  Here's an interesting account from history of lovers who were Fae:

"Writing in his notebook, around 1692, the Reverend Robert Kirk stated that sometimes his parishioners could pay no attention to Sunday morning sermons, as they were exhausted by consorting with their faery lovers during the previous night. This matter-of-fact statement is especially curious because it is not a myth, a story of origins, or a poetic hyperbole. He merely reports the consorting along with many other aspects of the faery tradition. For Kirk, it was a feature of life in the Gaelic culture of Scotland: people made love with faery lovers until they were exhausted."

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