Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The most intimate experience yet

I had the most intimate experience yet, today. I napped on and off most of the afternoon. I could feel her with me, cuddling me and energetically next to me. Her head was on my shoulder, her body pressed to mine.

As I started to get sleepy, I told her that I loved her. I could feel her kiss my cheek. We began to make love and cuddle on and off as I grew drowsy.

As I drifted off to sleep, it did not end. In my dreams she was there. We continued what we did before, only in the world of dreams.

First, she was one woman, we would make love and hold each other, then I would awake.

There her presence was and we would continue.

Then I would fall asleep, and there she was, although as another beautiful woman. Then I would awaken.

This happened quite a few times over the afternoon until the evening hours.

It’s very strange to have something like this happen. The intimacy is simply unmatched compared to anything I have ever experienced. The love, the longing… is so wonderful.

We didn’t get to this comfortable “communion” overnight. I’ll talk about that another time :)


  1. Seems like succubus are able to connect intimately in a much deeper way with humans compared with a regular human male and female.
    Did you find this to be true?

    When you said you sensed her energetically, did you have to develop/train your senses or did sensing her come naturally?

    1. For myself, yes. One major reason is that they can easily read thoughts. All thoughts. At first this is unsettling as your ego sends barbs her way as it's threatened by her. After a while, it becomes comforting as you no longer have to hide how you feel, nor could you, but it indeed becomes a liberation rather than being "invasive" so to speak.

      I can usually sense when she's "on her way" as she is usually away for 3 or 4 days, and then returns for a few days. The process repeats itself folling the same timeline.

      I think that being in close proximity with her is what creates the ability to sense her more in depth.

      I've always thought that making love to a succubus, the same succubus over a long period of time rubs off on the soul. I'm not so sure I'm still "pure human" as far as my soul goes. What is the soul? If energy can define it, then it's a bit different by now I would imagine. Not "better" no, but just different.

      And that's fine with me. I've noticed a marked increase in my satisfaction from my other relationships such a friends, my children, etc.

      That's how I define if things are "good" or "benevolent". It's the type of fruit it bears. In my case it has borne good fruit.