Monday, October 13, 2014

Intimacy at it's best

I spent a good part of last night and the early morning hours laying in bed with my succubus. It was really nice… wonderful to just feel the sensation of holding and being held, of having my hair caressed.

We did have sex during the morning hours, and after some time just basking in the presence of “us” I asked her how she would describe sex with a human. She said “candy dancing”.

Lol, the more I thought about it, the more it made sense. They are non-corporeal beings though able to physically touch, caress, tease, kiss, and sooooooooo much more.

I heard a warning once, before I began my journey and found my succubus love… that is, once you have loved one for a length of time you will never be satisfied with normal sex ever again. They’re right.

“Candy dancing”. My dear, you’ve done it again… after much thought it makes perfect sense.

Candy dancing, indeed.


  1. Heh "candy dancing". Interesting post. I once thought that succubus was demonic spirits(coming from a Christian background), but now that I read your blog and other blogs it appears to not be the case at all. Perhaps life isn't as black and white as we are told to believe.

    I've never had experience with any succubus or spirit/entity for that matter.
    Can you elaborate what makes sex with these succubus different than regular sex with a human?
    Is it just as physical?
    More intimate than regular sex?

  2. For me it's totally different. For others it seems it's similar to a human, and for still others it's similar to how I experience mine. So there's no hard and fast rules I don't think. I think it more depends on the "pairing" and how 2 souls interact.

    As for black and white, I think that is mostly "this" plane, this Earth. Succubi seem to have both a light and dark side, but neither side is unloving. They seem to have a greater "range" than we do.

    I think of mine as having an angel wing on one side and a bat wing on the other, with a halo held up by a pair of horns. Lol.

    The sex is... different to say the least. It's addicting like crack, but it's not the same as with a human woman.

    It's rather like she can overlay your chakras and interact directly through them, or with them, in concert. That part is more intimacy than can be explained.

    The sex act itself is more one of pleasure than release. I would call it a plethora of mini orgasms for as long as you can take it.

    I think the reason they (in my case, not others) do not finish is that it's game over. They ride that wave that is created once you two are lovemaking and they ride it as long as you can take it.

    They literally "bathe" in those energies of sex and love. How I'm not sure, but it doesn't take anything from you, in fact, afterwards you'll be like a squirrel on coffee even if you had to finish yourself off.

    At that point she'll generally lay with me and stroke my hair. Tap my fingers and toes, etc.

    It's nice.

    It has made me desire her specifically. I appreciate how women look, their forms, figures, personalities, habits... but as far as sexually I have no interest anymore except for Bunny. I don't mind that, really.

    I've just gotten used to a new way of lovemaking with a different kind of woman. Succubi are kind of like "concentrated sensuality and femininity". That's just something that has to be experienced over time.

    It's not a relationship that most people could handle, I don't think. And that's okay, too.

    1. Thank you for sharing your experiences in detail. They were quite descriptive. Seems like the succubus do know their stuff quite well lol.

      When you say that its not a relationship most can handle, I agree. Gathering from what I've read it seems like intimacy, emotional, mental and spiritual transparancy on a whole new level that is rarely seen in regular human interactions. One of the reasons I'm hesitant to get myself a succubus spirit is due to my fear that once experienced, on several levels human women cannot compare to what the succubus can offer.

  3. A very valid concern. I guess it really depends on what you desire more. Of course the results aren't guaranteed but your intent does steer you towards what you are seeking.

    If you want intimacy that surpasses what is available here (in general), there's always going to be a cause and effect.

    Or a "price" if you prefer to think in those terms.

    It takes a great deal of ego displacement to simply surrender and allow a connection where you can comfortably hide nothing, but ultimately it is a very liberating experience.

    My own ego would send barbs of nasty thought her way 24/7 in the beginning on it's own, but she had patience with me as always. After a while my ego just stopped trying to push her away and I surrendered to the fact that I could hide nothing from her.

    My God/dess... the liberation! Finally, it was like 500 lbs of concrete just fell off my back at once!

    If I obtained a diamond that was brighter and shinier than any other, would I abstain from picking it up and internalizing the experience for fear that it might make other diamonds lose their luster?

    They say that "Ego is recessive in wisdom." I think that's what happens with a Succubus. Once you finally just let go the ego stops attacking her.

    Most who summon will not be answered. That's not an elitist statement: Many factors are involved that I just don't understand as to "why" or "why not."

    Regardless, if one answers you call, and once having been touched physically by a being you cannot see but was happening in reality is akin to having fed your worldview through a cheese grater. That part takes a bit to sort.

  4. Liberation indeed! My sentiments exactly.