Friday, May 29, 2015

Oh, the Irony!

I got the weirdest stuff going on right now, which would be spooky if it wasn't so ironically funny...

I've been saying for about a month now, "I wish I had the motivation to really clean this place." And I really meant it!

So, turns out someone broke my internet cable off at the outside box and it was like that for 3 days.

I had nothing to do but clean. Clean I did, still cleaning, actually. Mostly.

Now if I haven't straightened and arranged at least part of my mess and goof off, while I'm sleeping I see this ghostly yet feminine and bright hand slowly uncurl into an index finger and she *pokes* me right in my forehead and I jolt awake as if I just got shocked...

Subtle as a book to the head!

"I wish I had the motivation to walk". Yeah, said that a month ago, too.

Yesterday my car wouldn't start and I found that it wasn't just me leaving my lights on all night (which I did), but my cables were cut halfway from the battery to the harness...

Sooooooooooo... I had to walk 4 miles to the parts store and back to fix it.


Ironic, eh?

I have a friend who can "see" things that I can't, and she said there's a beautiful NAKED honey-haired blonde girl that sits to my left right next to me.

You know what I call that? KARMA.

Can I see a beautiful NAKED honey-haired blonde next to me? NO!

I can only see things I don't want to see... like a fat man's hairy butt crack at walmart. Hooray!

So, I'm pretty darn sure I have a new spirit here. She's a she... dunno what she is or exactly why she showed up.

Who knows? Meh, I don't care I just try to love 'em in whatever way they need me to.

She doesn't seem to be a sexual type of spirit, though. At least not with me.

More like a... hey, wait a minute...

Didn't someone say that when you have spirit children they are full grown?

Oh, boy.

Or maybe she's some sort of sibling to my Lady spirit?

Or she could be a maiden of a Goddess I'm meditating with.

Man I don't know. I could "what if" until doomsday.


  1.'re just learning to be very specific with your complaints and your requests ^_^ You see spirits like to help us, but unless we specify - and I mean like a lawyer - they will take the absolute shortest route and most literal route you couldn't even possibly not imagine hehehe...I mean who thinks like that...oh! Please don't hit me! Ow! You get...oh no, come on not again - okay okay I'm leaving, I'm leaving as I type this...promise not another....word. Ow! ;-)

  2. Hello, how are you?
    A couple months back I had this thing where when I went to sleep my dreams were like, regular, vivid picture dreams, something happens. Everything goes black, then my body goes into hardcore sleep paralysis, I cant move, speak, or do anything. The weird thing is, while this is happening. I am awake, it felt like I was in between realms.When this happens, someone is always there with me.

    When it happens, I am somewhere else, I was always in a laying down position.I felt like I was inside of my head, but somewhere else, because my body, in this place or realm or wherever I would go, is sort of solid, it felt real. (It felt like I was inside of a shell, in some other place, an isolated place, it was pitch black from what I could remember). This being that was there with me, usually never shows himself, he is always behind me, and usually, it makes everything pitch black, sometimes it will even touch me, like poke my ear, and do little things like that. Little things meaning, it would have sex with me. I mean at that time in that realm or where ever I was he would hold me against his body and have sex with my spirit or body. I am a virgin, so I don't really know what sex feels like, but when that happened, it felt strange. My whole body was vibrating and getting shoked, like not in a bad sort of way, it was almost like a curren running through me. To the physical body it wouldn't feel like pleasure but to the other body it did. It's weird.

    I remember asking him,and it took a lot out of me, because even in that realm, I can't speak, so first, I started out by exhaling through my mouth, then after doing so, I pushed the words through my lips. After I asked, I just woke up.

    On the last night when it happened, I was dreaming, normally, then the same thing happened, my body went into sleep paralysis, and right when things were becoming pitch black, I heard a muffled, male voice, say something, but I couldn't comprehend. So, I then decided that I wanted to leave this place, I was a bit scared. I fought hard to get back, then I woke up.

    I didn't really have much control over things. I mentioned before that this guy, touches me, I sleep with a hair bonnet on my head, an in this realm, this guy, will, take it off, and it feels, so, real, that when I wake up, I expect it to be off, but it's till on my head. Also, at times, I feel like, I flying, falling, really quickly, and while doing so, this being is holding onto me, and doing this to me.

    Do you think I was astral projecting or something?
    Do you think it was an incubus, or perhaps another sort of being?

    Also, for some strange reason, I've been thinking about him, who ever he was, I want to confront him, see the real him, that he never show, do you have any tips on how I could do that? Even though it's been months, since it happened.
    Have a nice day

    1. Lots of questions there, and honestly I don't know the answers. I have found, personally, that by intending to find the answers to one's own path and experiences along that path that most things can be understood in time.

      Intend to find the answers and I'm sure you will... and probably you will find them deep inside yourself.

      "Know Thyself" was inscribed above the entrance to the ancient Temple of Delphi, and it's as true now as it was in ancient times.

      The answer usually lies within: "As above, so below: As within, so without".

      I hope that helps a litte bit :)