Saturday, June 20, 2015

Tranformers Age of Extinction + Reading Ceremonial Magic Books Before Bed + Succubus = WTF?!?

So here I am late into the wee hours of the morning watching Transformers:  Age of Extinction after reading an hour or so of High Magick: Theory and Practice by Frater U.D.

Finally I'm tired and as the movie ends I go to bed.

I light a green candle and wear my newly constructed seal of venus on my neck (on copper... yeah I'm proud of that I made it myself along with engraving the seal) along with a nice tea light lit (surrounded by a green shade which makes the room glow a soft, warm green) along with lighting a fresh stick of rose incense.

What... the... fuck???

So I'm dreaming right, I'm like this tranformer dude fighting but using High Magick barbarous words and banishing and such, along side the standard giant swords, axes, and various high caliber machine guns and fighting up a storm.

I wake up out of the dream, and I feel a woman's soft bottom pressed up against me.

Wait... I don't have a soft woman to have a soft bottom pressed up against me... ?!?

But exhaustion takes over and I slowly sift down back to sleep...

Back to dreamland, more fighting, magick, banishing, shooting...

Back to my bed and reality... soft bottom moves up against me.  Start feeling tingles all over my body.

First time I've felt her physically against me ever!!!

P.S.  Holy shit... if this is the direction we are going can't wait for more!!! :P (Minus tranformers and the magick book)   My patience payed off, muhahahaha!!!

Dangit, I'm trying to type right now but she is... omg...

Ok, you get the idea, crazy night: I gotta go.


  1. Seems like that Venus talisman is doing it's job too ;-) Good on you! Always pleased to see good diligence like this, as well as magically doing the work. That is something I've noticed about my girls. I do something magically, especially stepping out of my comfort zone and that night it's like a Sultan's Harem in my damn room, and for several nights after. Talk about getting rewards for the work! I love how they encourage me. Damn it but they know us guys are wired pretty simple!

    1. Yeah, we are, lol. I think Incubi have it harder. I know a female friend who has an incubus and the poor fella was so respectful (he wouldn't even get into bed with her unless she invited him, I mean this guy is gold) that she basically talked to him point blank about what she wanted. She basically took out a vibrator and said, "Can you do this?" Hit the switch *buzz buzz*. He rocked her world after that discussion and I think she's enamoured with him. Lol.

    2. Another thing that is funny is my Lady won't get intimate with me while the kids are here even at night in my own room (the kids being on the futon in the living room sound asleep at night), and I have them for most of the summer (except for a break yesterday and today)... but when they left and I dropped them off... she was waiting for my ass.

      I'd say that's pretty amazingly respectful. Boggles the mind.

      Another unrelated interesting thing is I left my daughter (she's the oldest) at home while I ran an errand with my son (he's the youngest) to get him out of her hair. My Lady played a rapping game with my daughter as soon as I left: My daughter would rap twice, and my Lady (or perhaps a house spirit) would rap twice on the wood in the wall.

      My daughter thought that was really cool. Good spirits here. Everyone says that when they come and stay in my apartment a while they are suprised at a strange sense of peace and wellbeing that permeates the environment.

      I've always believed that getting to know, or at least wanting to get to know the Genius Loci of an area was the key to building a positive repoire with the local spirits. That's what I've tried to do, anyway.

    3. Damn straight getting on good terms with your Genius Loci is like essential, but too often I hear all about people banishing their homes left and right, uprooting spirits willy-nilly when they move in. Now, I'm all for setting up my 'domain' my 'kingdom' but I damn well talk to the spirit neighbors, and that most definitely includes the Genius Loci of the area. Making my spiritual boundaries right means not making enemies when I could have friendly spirit neighbors that help as an augmented defense in and of themselves. I'm looking forward to my move in the near future, establishing some new spiritual friendships.

  2. That's awesome! Do you ever travel and feel the moment when the big Genius Loci changes? I've noticed it since I've become more aware of things.

    Weird thing is they seem to notice me noticing them. Or something like that.

  3. I travel a great deal at the moment. Yes, it's noticeable, and they definitely notice me. Some are openly welcoming, and it almost feels like home with many familiar spirits, other places I get at most grudging respect or disinterest and the spirits are alien and difficult to connect with.