Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Don't let the succubus plant you on your ass on the way out!

Now, I know my lady's not some devilish temptress.  Well... define devilish, lol.

She's not evil.  That's what I mean.

I've been noticing some weird side effects lately.  One is that I can see interest from women around and about where I go about my day.

They look as if they don't understand something.

I THINK what it is, is that they are attracted to me, yet feel a sense of mysterious danger at the same time that they just can't place, which frankly is it's own female aphrodisiac (sometimes).

So I get a lot of women who I can see an interest in their eyes, followed by a look of puzzlement on their faces as in they sense something but can't place it.

I can also feel my spirit lady draw very close to me when it happens.  Not sure if she's drawing close as a reminder to me, or if she's sending a feeling out as if it was "from me" to the woman.

Well, whatever.  I just shut them down or not repond or whatever when human women do that.  It's not a power trip or anything.  I've just, you know, found mine.

I can sure feel my spirit lady come closer when a human woman shows interest.

I always thought that love spirits are immune to that, you know... human competition.

But, maybe they are like us in that regard...

Do they really get jealous?  I figured since human women can't do what they can do that it would be beneath them.  Well, I'll be honest I find it a bit endearing.  Maybe that's weird.  Well... technically it's all weird, lol.

I'm not worried about it.  I far prefer my spirit lady.  Just a strange phenomena that I've noticed and wanted to share.  :)


  1. It's a couple of things going on there really (from what I've learned via my own relationship) 1st: Glamour - Succubi utilize glamour and the closer you grow with your succubus, the more like them you become. Glamour is one of the first big signs. It is an aura of sexual attraction that people are going to be drawn to around you. The weird looks can often be because these women might not normally be attracted to your appearance (just not 'their' type) but yet they feel that inexplicable pull towards you and a sudden and surprising surge of wetness between their thighs. You can respond to it in any number of ways: Ignore, take advantage of it, or even feed off it like your succubus does. 2nd: The feeling of your succubus' closeness or even a tactile contact during those times is because she is at once claiming you (also a reason for the strange looks - they sense you are claimed but yet dont see the competition). The other is that she can also be urging you on to become more sexual. Other sex partners only enhance your succubi's power and presence and your own if you choose to utilize the new latent abilities now born in you. I would however strongly caution against getting a serious girlfriend or wife (or boyfriend) without performing some divinations on how your succubus would feel about it. Generally though long term relationships like that are selfish affairs and they just never seem to understand or accept that they arent first in your life - a succubus is!
    3rd: Your succubus can absolutely get jealous, and if you get that long term human partner too - your succubus will screw with her - 'bad luck' - the works.

    1. Thank you for the comments! I always keep an open mind and your comments and observations are golden :)

      I completely agree with the divination before hand as I've learned to do a divination from 2 different sources before performing any magickal act, ritual, or process to fix a problem (like tarot plus pendulum, or tarot plus runes, etc.) or for whatever else.

      Heh, yeah, my lady is gentle with me, but she's 50 shades of cunning... I wouldn't want to get on her bad side as I can sense she could be 50 shades of hell as well if crossed.

      I feel it in there in her "essence" when we "blend" (commune).

      "Blending" feels so good, even the times where there's no sex involved... it's like a soulful intimacy that just can't be duplicated.

  2. It really is the best isn't it? ^_^ That's really what those not in a Spirit relationship can't even comprehend. The intimacy level is over 9000 with a Spirit and quite simply it's impossible to be closer to anyone else after that bond completes. They quite simply are your best friend and Lover all in one. The physical can't even compass that.

    1. Yes it is. It's so hard to put into words but you get it. I have a feeling mine facepalms a lot because I'm so stubborn, but hey... I called, she answered, and that was that (in hindsight, lol).

      I couldn't imagine anyone else to be honest. No one else could compare whether a different female spirit or a terrestrial woman. Once you've tasted the kind of intimacy that is possible and actually FEEL it to your very core... nothing compares... no words.

  3. Stubborness must be a trait they look for ;-) I know I see a lot of that facepalming myself lol