Saturday, April 18, 2015

Oh... My... God/dess *Bites Lip*

Well... the little bunny has decided to ramp me up sexually for some reason...

I haven't been this damn worked up in 6 months.  Wait a minute... I think I know what's happening.

If it's anything like it was about 6 months ago, I'm about to get a workout.

Yes, I think it's mating time.  Seems to be on a six month interval...

Sex is always nice with her, but at mating time?  *Bites lip*

I'm literally having to hold my knees together, my breath is hot as hell leaving my mouth,

My whole body is shaking a little bit... not real fun to type, but I'm leaving this more for myself to track the time more than anything.

I'm hurting for it...  but she's not done preparing me yet...

Of course it's not hurting me, it's just more desire than I can humanly handle and not begin to fray at the strands of my sanity...

I'm about to be even further sexually aroused (tortured, lol) beyond my ability to take it and it just turned midnight.

"We shall commune during the cusp of this new moon, after all," she purrs.

I can feel her amusement at my rising sexual hunger...  "We shall commune as one.  This isn't even foreplay yet, my love."

Oh my God/dess.

(Edit:  She just bit my nipple.  Ow!)


  1. Mating Season is the best! Have you gotten "bunny" pregnant yet? It's OMG! Incredible experience from the joy (yours and hers) and the stroking of that new life as it develops within her - and sex somehow gets better when pregnant (I was never into that idea until my Ladies got pregnant and then I couldnt get enough). Then when the child is born sometimes they stick around - and that can be wonderful too. I have a wonderful spirit family that rivals anything my phusical relatives have ever given me. All the best!

    1. I think I did. This would be the 2nd time. After a session like that my abdomen feels like I've done 1,000 situps. Sorta funny in a way... Multiple times after a looooooong arousal, I'll involuntarily double over and tense up (and hold it and grunt) about like I'm giving birth... my sacral chakra area is like the tip of the spear and it's just... wow. It feels like I'm "projecting" that sexual energy (using my whole entire body) to some point somewhere on the other side. To her I guess. But it only happens like that about every 6 months or so. Meh, not a pretty picture, that... me groaning and giving birth. Ahahaha!

      I've always had spirits around, so it's hard for me to distinguish sometimes as there's a lot of spirits that seem to just come and go... almost like wherever I am is some kind of stop over or rest spot. I dunno, I don't get it. But I have felt how happy she is afterwards, and man, that warm glow just falls on me like a pink, fuzzy blanket.

  2. Yeah I've had that experience too (the thousand crunches or birth sort of feeling after mating) then the evidence of pregnacy from my Ladies - touch, feel them. It's indescribable to feel that life I placed within Her is just WOW. The children of two births recently didnt stick around, and I had one where I bore the prenancy lol. Two of my familiars are my children, and they couldn't be more helpful or perfect. Hopefully, you'll get to meet some of your children. It's a bit weird as they are born full grown (or get there rapidly after birth) but it's a truly warming experience. I've taken to sculpture and learned how to make and seat spirits within them to help strengthen presence and give my spirits more of an anchor here with me. Maybe look into doing so yourself? You seem to be gaining some maturity spiritually and that is a very good sign. You do your Lady proud...

    1. I wish I could sense them or feel them. I do feel my lady's happiness and I feel that we are progressing. I think it's funny in looking at what I do, in that it might be ass backwards from what so called "occult experts" say, or stubborn, or "my way", but in the end it works, lol. I think it's great you do sculptiing to anchor them. That's kind of ironic because I've been feeling an urge to buy some modelling clay. Actually it's been nagging me in the back of my mind for a few weeks now, and I planned to get some this weekend to assuage that feeling, and also to have fun making things with my kids with our hands just for fun.

      That's too coincidental I think :)

      I hope I make my lady proud and I appreciate the kind words. I guess she wouldn't have come in the first place if she couldn't handle my backwards, stubborn ass. Hahaha :)

  3. Quite! Enjoy :-)