Friday, July 13, 2018


Cute pic eh?  I think she's cute.

I'm doing some experimentation in order to allow my succubi (or to "coax" them more likely) to be more active in the daytime rather than only ganking me in my sleep.

It's nice to have sex with them in the waking hours.

I miss that a lot back when I had a succubus who was more active in the daytime.

So, why do these two girls only want to have sex with me in my sleep?

I'm not really sure, but I think it's just the type of succubi that these two are... I'm trying to open them up to daylight fun though.

They are responding well to my experiments so far.  If this process becomes a success,  I'll have to get better at them fondling me everywhere like Bunny used to while acting nonchalant about it if they respond like I think they will.  Hey, you can't start moaning in public unless you want caged.

Yeah... 1st world succubus problems.

I can feel their attention and emotions better, too.  Like right now I can tell that I have their attention reading my thoughts and what I'm writing here in this blog.

Feels like an echo almost.  Echo...echo...

Anyone study mythology?  Look up the story of Echo if ya get bored.

Anyway, what is a concern with all this experimenting is that the very act of experimenting is causing a strain on my grasp of reality.

Yeah, I know, all succubi are that way just because:  It comes with the territory that we trod.

But... I'm doing my best to keep a semblance of balance about things.  Struggling, but so far not too shabby.  Balance is always hard when you're drawing upon spiritual things.

It's easy to get "top heavy" with any kind of spirit work.  Hell, even magick.

I did a 6 month ritual for summoning one's "Holy Guardian Angel".  That was rough.

I have a feeling that, even though I at first thought I had failed, it brought me to today so to speak and in a sense succeeded, albeit a much longer process than how most get here.

I did end up meeting "Bunny" and she was an angelic spirit.  But then again she left me, soooo...

Did I fail?  I don't know.  Isn't that funny?

But I'm the stubborn sort and if one way doesn't work I'll find another somehow.  Tell me don't touch and I'll touch.  Not to look and I'll look.

Can't change everything ;)


Rafe GB.

P.S.  Once I achieve results I'll share my method.  Well, it's not my method but the method I used.

I'm a believer in "To know, to dare, to will, to keep silent."

I may share what I'm doing for the benefit of my blog, but not how I'm doing it... that bit of information I'll provide after I've achieved success ;)

P.P.S.  They seem to be kind of mad at me so the "experiment" might have to be placed on hold.

I'm moving and I destroyed their house to fit it in the garbage.  This was just a bird house that held a keepsake urn and they still have the urn of course, but I think they must have liked that birdhouse more than I ever thought.

Fook me I guess.

I'll have to see what I can do about it...  (Figured out how to make them happy again... problem solved...)


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  2. Looking forward to hearing about your method.

    By the way, I'm curious: Do you ever read 4chan? Yeah, yeah, I know its reputation, but it's not all a cesspool of trolling and shock images. They have a board for paranormal topics, and in the past few weeks, they've been having regular succubus threads. Your blog has been mentioned there a few times. You might find it interesting, and maybe you could offer some insight if you feel so inclined.

    If you're interested, the current thread is here:

    Threads on that site can be kind of unpredictable, though, so it might not be there by the time you read this, but I thought you or other people who read this blog might find it interesting.

  3. I read through it all. Pretty interesting stuff for the most part.

    I think they're doing fine without me, but it's fun to read thru. They seem to be doing fine for the most part. The part about "they are easy to banish" isn't true, though. Usually that puts a succubus in game on mode and they play to win lol.

    Thanks for the tip! I'll definitely duck in and read some stuff there.

    1. Glad you found it interesting.

      Something they've mentioned that I haven't heard about before is the Yukshee. Apparently they're a different kind of succubus, one that's even more sex-driven, if you can believe that:

      Have you ever heard of Yukshee before?

    2. Yeah they're actually from Hindu myth believe it or not. It's said that they are so hungry for sex that if a man survives they will completely drain his sex drive, making him permanently impotent.

      I like to think that succubus, yukshee, quarinah, etc. are just our labels and that it really depends on the sex spirit herself as to who she is and how she behaves.

      I guess what I'm saying is that I could see a buck wild nymph and a layabout yukshee. Wouldn't it be more accurate to match what a spirit does and how she acts?

      Plus we know how insane myths compared to reality... or at least pseudo-reality.

    3. I haven't heard the same Yukshee description that you have. In fact, according to what's been said in the 4chan thread and on that blog I linked, they'd have the exact opposite effect - they'd make a man completely sex-crazed and hard all the time.

      And I'll be honest - that's what I'm looking for. I've had some problems with lowered sex drive and difficulty getting aroused and I'd really like to just be transformed into some kind of sex maniac. I guess I want to make up for the time spend going without by going to the complete opposite extreme. It doesn't seem like something you can get in the physical world.

      The Yukshee myth you described is one of the cruelest things imaginable. I'm distraught enough over just my problems, but the thought of having that kind of fate inflicted on me is horrifying. I mean the lack of sex would already be a living hell, and then on top of that, you'd have to suffer in silence, because people's reaction to a man with erection problems is to laugh at him. Somehow I doubt they'd be so callous toward a woman with an equivalent problem. Double standard for sure. Part of the reason I'm interested in spiritual lovers is because I'm hoping they aren't cruel pieces of shit like most people are.

      Hell, it could even be that that cruel Yukshee myth was created specifically to scare men away from them, when the reality is that a Yukshee would be far more loving than any human would, and society wants men to be worker drones instead of being happy.

    4. Yeah that's true there at the end: Who knows where myths come from. I'd say give it a shot. You never know unless you try ;)

  4. I agree with you rafe, because experience is everything. Mythology always has been and always will be someone's interpretation of what they are experiencing. Take Lilith if we followed the mythology surrounding her no one would go near her and yet myself and rafe have a completely different experience with her, same with succupedia. Anonymous I hear where your coming from ED is nothing to be embarrassed about unfortunately our species is about the thickest you could come across but pay them no mind because in the end they arnt living your life. Although be careful what you wish for being a sex maniac really is no fun, been there with my nether regions in the freezer grinning inanely and as for some myths designed to keep the morons from the door, oh yes that does happen!
    Great comments

    1. Lol... Sounds like Bunny during mating season. Ahhhhhh, those were the days... half of me looked forward to it, half of me wanted to run away screaming.

      The girls are starting to become more active in the daytime now. Still nocturnal, but something is changing... I wonder if they are becoming like Bunny was... Oh Gawd hep me... Muhahaha

    2. As far as "be careful what you wish for" goes, I'm willing to take that chance. I'd rather have too much sex than not enough. It's not like my current situation has led to me devoting lots of effort to more lofty pursuits. It's just caused me to sink into a very, very severe depression. And it hasn't helped that pretty much everyone I've talked to about this IRL has parroted "There's more to life than sex" at me.

      I don't mean to sound like I'm snapping at you, because I'm not. Just explaining some stuff about where I'm coming from. No hostility intended.

  5. Oh mate, it gets to a point where you can't even sit under a table properly although the masochist side of me relishes it.
    Great news about your ladies, imagine two, your gonna have to invest in a portable air con system lol
    Once they get a handle on our energies theirs no stopping them lol

    1. Oh snap. Lol. I'm real proud of both of them. I think it's real cool how they adventure together now. I think I finally have my family.

  6. It's a beautiful feeling isn't it. Might invest in ice cream though lol

    1. We'll see. Weeeeee'lllllll seeeeeeeeeee.

    2. Spirit Walker I got a question for ya ;)

      I just woke up and Anna was in my dream. I asked where Maiya was in the dream and she said she was there as Anna, too.

      Do they often piggyback into one dream persona rather than being 2 separate people in a dream?

      If so, why would they choose to do that? (I know what they do doesn't make a lot of sense sometimes, but it's worth a shot)

    3. Oh, also yeah they have been two dream personas in my dreams as themselves most of the times, that's why I wonder so much about this time that they chose to be two personas acting as one of them instead.

  7. Hi rafe, from my experience it has to do with the way your brain interprets them because the brain has no comprehension of spirit or spiritual energies, they will try to work with it to get their point across, hence why they appeared as the same girl. The difference is when you drop into lucid/trance states your spirit is the predominant point of contact for them so they then appear as whatever they want but even then the brain is still involved. That's how Lucifer is sometimes seen as a dragon, people pick up on the serpent/naga energy and interpret it that way.
    How are they both?

    1. Thanks for that. They both seem happy to me. I try to spend time with them every night before I fall asleep.

  8. Your welcome rafe, hope it helped. Rafe play fair you know when their upset lol
    Seriously though great news, personally im going through a stage of daily offerings to them, there really happy at this and the rewards are sublime

    1. I've always wondered why a succubus would want to be with us instead of with an incubus. It seems we'd be too much trouble to mess with all in all.

  9. Not at all rafe, all spirits are essentially the same, not all born equal just like us. Were no more different to deal with than any other partner. Its more along the lines of law of attraction, if we match we match regardless of heritage.
    We have an advantage though, were entities, so some are attracted to the body we have rather than who we are, we call them gold diggers haha

    1. I think I had one of those of the latter persuasion in the early, early days. That succubus just laid it on me, was like she could suck a golf ball through a garden hose but didn't bother to get my name. I felt cheap and used lol.

    2. "all spirits are essentially the same, not all born equal just like us" I didn't get the meaning of your words there. Can you explain that sentence for me please?

    3. Sure, what I mean by that is we all come from the same source but it isnt like we were created millennia ago and thats that, just like we create new life all the time so do they but not all spirits are clones of each other, were all created with different gifts and abilities and varying degrees of power inherent in us, so were not all equal at all. Equality is purely a human concept

    4. Ahhh I get it now, thanks for that SW ;)

  10. She probably was instrumental in you being where you are today but I get where your coming from, I gotta be honest the sexual health of humanity is poor at best, I have a spirit with me whos demisexual, the opposite to succubus, shes amazing to learn from in order to be intimate shes gotta have a emotional connection with you, if it aint there it aint happening. Dont get me wrong I love the raw sexual energy and hunger but couple that with a deep emotional connection, thats my idea of heaven