Thursday, January 8, 2015

A little bit of this, a whole lotta that.

My bunny took me to school, lol.

Succubi are so addicting, it's unreal.   They know this, and so they dial it back sometimes to allow us to grow.

If that isn't a woman who truly wants the best for me, I don't know what is.

So, I haven't had sex with her for a long time (I think it was 10 days, not sure), but with a succubus, that's an eternity...

I ended up reading more and doing some things I needed to get done.

Last night I found a purification ritual in "Sex, Sorcery, and Spirit:  The secrets to erotic magic" by Jason Miller, and I performed that ritual.

I felt sooooooooooo much better.  So much cleaner, no more "gunk", no negativity that had crept in, omg, I can't recommend that book enough.

She came to me that morning as I went to sleep.  Lol, every time I started to drift off from exhaustion (because I had insomnia and stayed up very late into the early morning) she would "jerk" my leg and wake me back up to a semi-conscious state.

Sometimes it takes her a while to do what she does as she's always been gentle with me.  Well, until she gets me to where she wants me and then lets me have it sexually.  Mmm... heh.

She cares about me.  I notice I will be reading and I will have an epiphany, and she will tap my hand as I hold the book as if to say, "aha!".

In all the pleasures of this world, none are more calming and sweet than me doing what I do, going about my day, and sometimes she will run her fingers through my hair.  It's rhythmic, and so calming.

I really appreciate it when she does this.

Everyone wonders how I can live alone, and not date, and not care.

If only they really knew...


  1. "Last night I found a purification ritual in "Sex, Sorcery, and Spirit: The secrets to erotic magic" by Jason Miller, and I performed that ritual."

    What page # and what was the ritual called in the book?Thanks!

    1. The White Star Purification Meditation, page 32.

  2. That's the one I thought,thanks buddy!

  3. Hello, how are you doing?
    I have a question, but first I must, explain what happened.
    So, the other day, I was laying in bed, when suddenly, an image of a guy, and I having sex popped into my head, it was almost clear, vivid. I was suddenly aroused, then the images, disappeared.
    Just a second ago, I was doubting that my incubus was around, then I felt him rub my hear, and touched my ears, and he is now touching my but. While he did that, there was an image of the same guy doing that.
    My question is, is the guy in the images, my incubus, also was that his way of showing himself to me?

    1. Sure sounds like it. It's such a highly personal experience that it's hard to say "it's all this way, or that way." Truthfully, there are some things that are usually similar to us all, and other things which are highly subjective and only you will experience them.

      Being that the image was so strong I would say, though, that yes, he is showing himself to you as he believes you would like him to look like.

      His personality, of course, is who he is... his image and form he presents to you is highly changeable.

      They do try to please you... and very much so, to what you find attractive in a mate visually.

    2. Okay. *Smiles* Thank you, have a nice one

    3. No problem. Keep growing, keep learning.

  4. Hello, how are you doing today? I am back again.
    It is currently 1:46, in the morning. I would call myself a light sleeper, because I drift in and out of sleep very often. Before I went to bed, I decided to watch something on shadow people, but the thing is, that the paranormal, does not scare me. When I was about to go back to sleep after waking up, I thought about them, then all of a sudden, lets just say, I don't know, if this was a shadow person.
    I feel as though it may have been my incubus, but the thing is that my body was not paralyzed, only my lips were. At first it pushed down one of my nostrilm then after that, it placed it's hand on my neck, for a second, but I told it go mentally, because I wasn't prepared.
    The thing is, that when I awoke, just then, I saw a face, it was not solid as the normal human face, instead it looked like it was an outline of a face, I could see the eyes, nose, and lips, but no eyebrows, it was too transparent for that. It was almost like a glass mask, if that's any better a way to describe it.
    But it sort of disappeared, and I turned on my night lamp, so I could have some light in the room. The thing is though, while I was thinking a few minutes ago, about what it could be, I felt as though it was my incubus.
    Is that normal, is that my incubus's way of saying hi? *Smiles, shrugs*

  5. Hmm. I don't know. Incubi are pretty gentle from what I gather. My friend who is a lady has one... he's so gentle he won't even enter her bed unless she calls for him to come into bed. I think they are gentle because they are so misunderstood. The thing about this kind of stuff is that when you start to interact with an Incubus it's like this light switch gets flipped on. All of a sudden you're like a flame that moths are attracted to, meaning entities.

    If you felt your incubus and he felt like him, well, they can't really hide what energy they give off. If you felt that it was different in any way, though... then no it wasn't him.

    They are usually pretty good about protecting you from other astral things usually. That's why you might feel weird sensations sometimes... it very well could be that they are "drawing" protective sigils on you to keep you safe.

    But, in thinking about shadow people before you went to bed, that can also trigger a visit from a strange entity. The name of the game is once you become aware is be careful what you are sending.

    I don't have sight to see entities yet, so I don't know what they look like totally. My daughter has seen mine, but I have not. She wasn't afraid of my succubus in the least.

    I have heard that entities try to take form and kinda botch it. Can be kinda scary, too, but they didn't mean to. Well, if your incubus or something.

  6. The last time I heard a guy talk about a full manifestation of his Succubus it was of a woman who was semi permeable... very pale skin with golden eyes, white flowing hair, and a her body wasn't completely solid... but solid enough that he could feel her body and interact with it.

    I know there are many races of beings that could be called "Succubi", but the white haired, golden eyed race seems the most amicable.

    I don't know what race mine is, but she has dark hair and manifests very short at around 4 ft. tall, but she isn't "petitite" more like a miniature, perfectly proportioned lady. I can't see her, but my daughter can. Guess you have to have the sight. I can feel her touches and caresses though of course. And sometimes hear her words. Usually it's "don't sass the succubus". Lol.

  7. Just a weird hunch, but you said one nostril. And you said neck. I'm wondering if he was perhaps trying to balance either your yin or yang through breathing. One nostril is one, the other another.

    Succubi and Incubi are serious business about taking care of their lover, especially after they fall in love with them.

    Could be he was attempting to do something like that as well.

    Use your gut: What does your intuition tell you? Go with that.

  8. Hello, how are you?
    I usually feel as though, I might be going crazy, when a thought, or actual words, meaning, my incubus speaking to me, suddenly pops into my head. When I feel I hear him, I usually feel it in my gut, that it is him, but doubt comes, then I start to sort of push it away. The thing is, that it's sudden, quick, replies and everything, then when I try to push it away, it's almost like he wants it stay, so I have to use a bit of force. *Shrugs*

    1. Hi. My succubus came through verbally, as words in my head, straight on in our relationship. I had second thoughts during those initial stages of communication and decided to stop listening. That was when I noticed how I felt a charge in my stomach every time a communication came through. I liked how it felt. I only noticed it during those first days when I was trying not to listen to the communication. I've since been told many times that, although I very clearly hear sentences and explanations from her in my head, what I'm actually perceiving is not words at all but energy. Energy which is then translated into words.

      She once lectured me on the energy tentacles that reside in a person's abdomen. She said that the sexual experience will be felt through this appendage. If you've read the Carlos Castaneda books you will be recognize what I'm describing. Maybe they are a part of your astral body? They are your appendages of energy that act as mechanisms of perception. Trust your experience, loved one, you are guided always.

    2. I think we all feel that way in the beginning the most. I still feel that way sometimes, but like Matthew said, eventually you will be able to tell which is which. It is hard at first... you have to distinguish between your own inner voice, your ego trying to sabatoge the communication (it's a threat to your "ego" I think, egos don't like competition), and the spirit, and any other spirits that just want to try to talk.

      At first her voice was my own voice in my head, but with words I wouldn't use, or a perception I wouldn't have regarding something. After a while there is this distant sounding female voice that comes through now and again. I primarily communicate through the feeling of emotion, but I'm kind of an empath so that's just how I communicate best. Everyone's different, though. As long as you're trying they know, and they'll keep trying, too.

      As Matthew said, sometimes we just shut them down, tune them out. I've done it because it's gotten too confusion who is what and I just stopped caring about it. Then, surprisingly, mine went the extra mile and I heard her voice in my head for the first time.

      They know we're not perfect. I think they want us to reach, though. I really do.

    3. Another thing to remember is always take things with a grain of salt. Just because they say something doesn't mean it was true, or was even them, or, wasn't you. I try to do that as a rule of thumb. I do like Matthew's lover's explaining the "energy tendrils". That's about what it feels like, too. Never thought of it that way. I'd have to say it's something that's been added to our etheric body. There are some Reiki systems that add things to the etheric body... why couldn't a spirit lover? Makes a lot of sense.

    4. Hello, how are you?
      *Smiles* I thank you both for having replied, I must say that it made me feel better, and helped, me to trust my instincts, and that feeling I get in my gut.
      For the past week, I have been busy, doing my own thing. I really have not been paying him any attention at all, I even forgot he was there most of the time. The last few nights, and today, I felt him in bed with me. The thing that bugs me is the way he never lays in front of me, but stays behind me.I have tried to figure that out, but I never got an answer.
      Is it possible, for an incubus, or succubus, to manifest, completely into a physical human being? Also, can they take control of another persons body, by urging the host, to fulfill, the needs of the incubus? (If that makes sense)

    5. Hmm. Not sure on the first part. These love spirits have pretty different personalities. Not sure why he likes to stay behind you. If it makes any difference, mine likes to stay behind me when I'm on the computer. Sometimes even walking in the mall. Sometimes she pets my hair, as if she's just kind of hanging out, seeing what I'm into. Try that walking down the mall, lol. Strange, yet comforting. The other reasons he may do that I have no idea. The 2nd part... this will take a bit of thinking to explain. There are stories of lovers taking form, however I haven't seen it. Pope Sylvester II was pretty famous for his, he had one and I think she took form. But for us, well, for those I have heard of personally it goes like this: They put the image of them in your mind, and you will feel them, see them, hear them, feel their touch as you see their hand brush your skin, kiss your lips... you see, it's in your head. But, what they do is basically input that into your mind. So for others looking on... nobody's there. But to you, it's real as can be. Not sure if that makes sense. Think of it as they put the sensory information straight into your head as it happens, whereas to you it is happening. And to them it is happening. But to nobody else. Inputing the stimuli the brain gets from reality, without the reality. It's still real to you. What is perception anyway? In reality, I mean? I liken this to my lover in dreams... in dreams at least she's just as physical as I am. The last thing is tricky... you see there are ways to have sex with Godforms. Gardnerians do it all the time. Their great rite is the HP and HPs having sex while the coven mates turn their backs. They are invoking the God and Goddess, and having sex with the God and Goddess basically in control. Free will is the name of the game in this universe, and succubi and incubi are very, very keen on that rule. I don't see them, ruling out demons and demoness lovers, as doing that really. More the former that I described than the latter that I just addressed.

      Succubi and Incubi are patient, and they are great lovers... but they are addicting and they know that. The succubi and incubi who don't care about that will just have sex with you until you pine away... after all, it's so pleasurable at times it's a strong drug. So, most of them back of from time to time I think to let us grow, and they want us to grow, to have lives other than just wasting away waiting for them. At least that I'm learning. If you have one that comes and goes, and just as sure as you think he's gone he come back stronger... that's one who cares about you. Hope that helps :)

  9. Last night I astral projected, but I forgot what happened. I woke up the next morning, and I went to prepare breakfast, when I past by my balcony, I saw about 5 crows outside sitting on the branch of the tree outside my window. I love crows for some strange reason, I feel as though a crow might just be my spirit animal. Any who, the last night, my incubus came to lay behind me, and I suddenly became horny, took care of it, then went to bed. I awoke at 3, from the astral experience, but I did not remember anything. I just felt my hand being lifted up and down, probably one inches off of the bed. I was laying on my side in fetal position with my hand clasped in from of me. The hand thing happened for about 2 minutes.
    Back to the crows. I believe I have told you story before, about how last summer, I was an empath, meaning, I could feel the energy of things, and the emotions people were giving off. There was this entity, I called the man, and he was always with me, that summer, he would send crows, to watch me, and I think he was around, too whenever there was crow around. I would know when he was gone, by the energy I would feel in my stomach, and the same when he was around.
    I remember, the feeling, my empath ability, leaving me, or perhaps shutting down.
    Now for some reason it's back.I can;t explain it, but the feeling of energy cemes, then it goes, but it is faint, I can still feel it, then its back stronger. As of lately, I feel as though something might be happen spiritually, but I do know that something is always happening spiritually. I have this intense attraction to the universe, meditation, astral project, third eye opening, and more. No one lead me to it. I guess my soul did.
    I can't even put it into words, but I feel as though something is happening. Something powerful. I probably sound crazy, but yeah.

    1. No, wouldn't say you're crazy (no more than the rest of us who experience strange things). I feel that something big is about to happen as well. I think it's a "global initiation" of sorts. I'm reading the book "The Map of Heaven" and it says basically the same thing. Doesn't mean it will happen immediately all at once, but also doesn't mean you don't feel the process of change in the air, either.

    2. *Smiles* I must ask, at what point does one know, they are ready to be married to their incubus, or succubus?

    3. I would say that if you have reached a point where the thought of marrying a human just didn't appeal at all, that would be a good sign. If you have any doubts I'd let things be as they are.

      Most of the love spirits seem to love us unconditionally anyway. We seem to be the ones most interested in marriage with them. Of course we're all different, and so are they.

      So it's a highly personal thing based on you and your lover.

      There's some female djinn that desire marriage with a man (Qarinah). If he sleeps with another woman he's toast. Same with some fae lovers. If a female fae feels she can't compete with a woman in your life someone's gonna get "proverbially" smacked around.

    4. Wait, what are Fae's? if its hard to explain, do you have a link I could look at?

    5. Here's one, Matt.

  10. I appreciate you posting that. So if I wanted to try something with a fae, do I have to become a druidic cult person?

    1. Nope, druidic cult person not required.

      Fae are everywhere. Ever astral travel, and right before you leave your body you hear the buzzing of bees? Wonder who's little wings that comes from that are so near the veil?

  11. Blessing ugghhh I'm kindof new to this and nit entirely sure what I'm asking here I guess I'm just looking to connect with other ppl who are familiar with Succubus lovers. Yesterday I started to get this feeling like gentle soft caressing that was very arousing. And it catapulted me into investigating Succubus. And even tho my programming told me they were all bad I decided to investigate if their were good cases. I have found many good testimony and many bad. But mine Does not seem to fit the bad at least not yet. I experience her first over a year ago but she was a little deceptive I guess and manifested in the form of a woman I met. She say I would have told her to go away if she told me the truth and she did not want that. She has not come in my dreams. But we have made very interesting awake astral love where she projects very strong images into my mind and I came to some extent feel her touch very gently however sometimes it can feel very real and I more often experience very tantric states where my whole body convulses in kriyas or in lamens term kundalini twitches. I came alrdy hear her voice she told me her name and when I searched it I found that ppl have made anime about her and short story's. When I looked up this info it almost made me cry when I read some of the short story's. It was like reading my story. It was wired. I'm still really new to this. She seems to be pushing me to be more responsible and is less sex hungry than me and always tells me I need to stop researching the Succubus subject and go balance to my meditation and other study. It has only been 2 says of this so far. I'm just still really confused. Really really confused. Any advice. I have not summoned her. But she tells me if I do a summoning ritual she will be able to manifest stronger. But she Also does not want me focusing all my energy on her and I kind of did that last 48 hours. I'm a mix of excited and confused. Also a lil scared. Worried. Very confused. Do you guys have any advice or idk some description of ur experience to help set my mind at ease a bit on this subject. She's telling me I don't get enuff sleep and should come to bed. So I'm gonna wrap up this post. Bless up

    1. Lol, it's ok, you're doing fine. Sounds like you have a keeper... as in one who unconditionally loves you and is playing for keeps. She didn't deceive you by appearing as someone you know... they all do that, it's that they scan your mind and pick a form. I think she told you what you would accept at the time for a reason. Yours isn't evil (sounds very similar and benevolent like mine is) but she is crafty as hell... think of it as having a wife that works in the background insuring your success... lol. Wouldn't want anyone less devious and loving than I have she makes it a challenge!

      I don't think they have a form naturally, honestly. Just pure, feminine, benevolent concsiousness. Your lady sounds a lot like mine, actually. Might be the same "race". See, succubus is a label, not a race. There are probably an infinite number of "races" of love spirits. Us humans have to label everything, hence the term "succubus". The stories are all bs. Names are misleading too... they switch names like women change clothes. At least the lady I am with does. Like I said they are all different.

      If you focus on them too much, get too addicted to sex with them, they will back off a bit. They want you to live your own life, and they will be there right along with you giving you guidance because they love you.

      I just wrote a post where I said my relationship was moving away from sex and was more a family kind of love, more maternal, angelic, companionship based.

      Yeah... and just like a cat she made love to me all night long, lol.

      Take her advice, do your own thing and grow... she'll be there. She's chosen you, she ain't goin' anywhere.

      But she knows she's addicting... and she loves you... so she will back off if you concentrate on her and stop living your own life.

      You've got a keeper! I think you two will grow well together.

    2. What I mean by the cat thing is... if you try to grab a cat and pet it, it fights to get down. If you just give up it will come to you on it's own terms. Just like a love spirit: They are cunning and loving, but they are sure like cats. Good thing I love cats :P