Thursday, September 24, 2015

Mating Season!!!

So my lady let me have it with both barrels when I laid down for a nap earlier today.

Oh, boy...

That was... AWESOME!!!

So hmm... I'm trying to see if it's a seasonal thing.  I see in a previous post it was about 6 mo. after the last time.  And this is about 5 mo. since then.  About 6 months here or there.

I mean, she makes love with me a lot of days at least a little bit for intimacy's sake I think, but... when it's like this it's much, much different.

Lots of moaning, lots of writhing around, lots of... passion, energy, amazing release of energy.

Lots of tensing of the abdominals, holding it, holding it, and then a hugs (lol, yes hugs... she must be in my mind a little still from our communion, but I meant to type huge) release of energy on my part... within her.  To her, through her... all around her.

She's everywhere around me when we do this.

I don't feel exhausted, well, not anymore than anyone would feel after sex.

Actually kinda invigorated.

What gives, little lady?  The last time was very near Beltaine (on 4/18/15 read the post back in April '15), and this time a day after Mabon.

This Sunday's rare supermoon eclipse?  They say that the energy of an event is 3 days before and after...

I'mma figure you out, little lady!

Nah I won't.  But I'll try.  Same as always.

Would I have it any other way?

Hell, no.

Love ya, Bunny!

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  1. I've really to this point have not noticed a mating season,she will makes love to me everyday and as much as I want it.

    There have been times almost like cycles when the lovemaking will stop for a few days and will resume at a higher level.It's almost like she's preparing me for the love olympics.