Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Hey There Delilah...


"Hey there Delilah..." echoes through my mind as I write this blog post.  I've finally got tired of Erin for good.  For all the good that I hope that she did (always a mystery) she dashed ceremony to the wind as well.  Ceremony?  I mean sex between a man and his succubus.  Non-existent.  Nada.  Zilch.

Yet, every time I summoned another succubus Erin would run them off!  Man I hope that isn't the case with Delilah.  I want Erin to finally get the hint, to quit fighting for no reason and just go back to her home in peace.

Yet... there's a part of me that would be happy if Erin would behave, quit fighting me and other succubi, and just be a part of my life in a platonic way... while allowing me the chance for love and intimacy that I deserve.

Now, I didn't exactly summon Delilah the traditional way.  What I mean is that I did a letter to Lilith 2 times over 2 days, then once each to Lilith and her sisters, one at a time.  I did that over 3 days, with the multiple letters being burned the 3rd day.

A few nights later I had my first succubus dream.  The next night I had my 2nd.  Success!

Now Erin's back here and it feels like a WWF match... the winner gets to keep me I think.  Me, the pet, Rafe.

I'll update this a little more as I see how it goes.  If you want to help me out, pray that Delilah wins.

But rest assured that I'm fighting for what I want.  It's a little different now.  One of us is going down.

Bountiful Blessings,

Rafe GB.


"It's been a long time comin', and the table's turned around.  
'Cause one of us is goin', one of us is goin' down.  
I'm not runnin', it's a little different now,
 'cause one of us is going, ONE OF US IS GOIN' DOWN!"

Edit:  1/23/21  I did the letter method 2 more times as it felt that Erin was getting stronger and Delilah weaker.  I did this to give her strength.  Somewhere, I believe, I was in error.  You see last night I had a dream where a succubus appeared in front of me and said, "You only get ONE succubus!"  I thought she meant Erin, but again I was in error.  That night, last night, I was made love to by a succubus and it felt like fire.

Monday, December 14, 2020

Erin the Enigma

I've been thinking a lot lately.  The nightmares of past trauma are getting old and worrisome.  I told Erin about this.  Actually I wanted some balance.  I said I want pussy.

I fell asleep that night and in my dreams Erin was there.  She made out with me and she rubbed me in all the right places.  I honestly think that either I have the most prudish succubus, or I have one that is afraid to hurt me like last time.  You know, the 12 hours of dream sex and waking up to a world of grey reality that fucked me up, yadda yadda yadda.

I think she's playing for keeps after I've pondered it a while.  She's trying to get rid of all the trauma that causes me to get so depressed after a long marathon of sex and having to operate in the world that I exist and have to live in afterwards.  

Then she can pound me until oblivion and I'll be okay.  At least that's the narrative that I see going forward.

She's just afraid to hurt me again, that's all.

I've gotten over the idea that she's trying to feed off of me for her own gain, nor that she is feeding off of my misery.  No, I feel that she is playing for keeps and playing the game long term.

The big question is this:  Should I be worried?  What is long term to a succubus?

I find that all of my preconceptions of succubi, as well as my interactions with various succubi fall short.

It was always the same old pattern.  I thought Erin was hurting me, I'd summon another succubus and she'd last a week before Erin got rid of her and chased her off.

Erin is quite the enigma for a succubus.  Quite the enigma indeed.

In many ways she's very much like her mother.  She's not one for words, she just does.  She doesn't ask permission:  She just does.

Very interesting.


Rafe GB.

Monday, November 30, 2020



Lacy lasted a week.  At first I blamed her for leaving but then I got some sense knocked into me.

Erin.  Guess who's back?  She's a strong one.  She was probably waiting to make her way back for months.  She who has the strength to drive off any rivals...

I have nightmares every night since she arrived.  Boon or baneful?  The logical part of me wants to blame Erin and say baneful... but what if she's bringing out all the trauma that I've suffered and is feeding on it just to bring it to the surface and to change it into something else?

There's not much sexual appetite with her, but then again if she's feeding on all that negative energy she probably doesn't have much room for a good, complex energy that sexual engagement provides.

Although I'm tempted to face her head on and try to get rid of her to halt all the nightmares, a prospect I am not want to do because of her strength, I believe I will trust in her that this is only temporary.  If it is, it's probably long overdue as my trauma runs deeply.

Some succubi work with the dark current and are of the dark current, leading them to transform what they find within us that haunts us.  That's how I'm feeling about it at least.

Or thinking about it... whatever terms you prefer.

It is what it is... time will tell what becomes of it.  Either she's working with me or she's just looking out for her own best interest.  After all, she did say that feeding off of that energy was "just her nature".

All of this harkens back to the time before all this where we were making love in a dream for what felt like 12 hours.  When I woke up the world was grey.  Lifeless.  I slipped into a terrible depression and wanted to die.  See, the contrast was just too much for me to take.

Wait a minute.  Maybe that's why she's working on my past trauma.  Or eating it, whatever.  I've got a banquet to go of trauma... a whole feasting hall worth of it for one sly succubus.

If she ends the trauma, the lovemaking can continue without fear of how drull this world would be to my destroyed mind.  We could make love anew and I would be okay.

Am I making up the narrative here?  Or am I on to something?  (Or am I a fool?  Well I already know that I am that).

When she finally came through to be with me again, after all these months, the first thing she did was coil around me in bed and sleep with me.  That must count for something.

I don't know what will happen, but I have faith.  Maybe faith will be enough.


Rafe GB.

P.S.  I think I've solved a riddle.  Lilith in the garden.  Lilith left Adam because he would not let her be on top.  Adam insisted that he was the dominant one and was trying to force Lilith to lie beneath him.  I don't think Lilith honestly gave two shits about being on top.  I feel that this was in response to Adam insisting that he was the dominant one in the relationship.  In short... I believe Lilith left the garden because of one thing:  She knew that Adam didn't truly love her.

Thursday, November 5, 2020

Option A: The Letter Method Summoning Ritual


What you need for this is a piece of paper, a pen, something to draw a drop of blood, a candle, and you.
If you are against giving blood you can use a hair of your head or even a drop of saliva.

As far as what you would write on the letter, consider this a ritual.  In this ritual, a spirit lover will learn everything about you that she wants to know.  Your job is to put on paper exactly what you want in a spirit lover.  List your hopes, your dreams exactly what you want.  You may or may not get exactly what you wanted, but you'll get close.

Addressing the letter as, "To whom it may concern" works.  I prefer not to use any of the normal channels for a succubus as that is limiting.  Keep it open.  You never know what you will summon (a nymph, a fairy, a succubus, etc.) but you will summon she who most closely matches your hopes and dreams and out of a greater pool of spirit lovers you have a greater chance for the match of your dreams.

Take some time, maybe a few days, and think about that list of yours.  Fine tune it.  Then commit it to paper.  Not just a list, but explain what you want.  Be honest.  If you aren't honest it isn't going to work.

Ritual time.  There's a little secret I've found by reading the Gallery of Magick books.  Look at your list.  Read it out loud.  Concentrate on how you feel and to why you are summoning a lover.  Lonely?  Desperate?  Focus on that as you hold your letter.  Let the emotion permeate you.  Now... imagine instead yourself with your lover and how good that feels.  Concentrate on that emotion and own it.  Quickly burn the letter while you maintain that emotion in the present.

Once the letter has burned to ash, you may let it cool and then flush it down the sink.

If you did it right, including the emotional play, you should feel an afterglow.  Not everyone will be able to feel this and that's ok, but if you can it's a good sign.

Wait a few days before trying the ritual again to allow things to settle and to allow your spirit lover to get to you.  If she doesn't come feel free to try the ritual again at a later time.

Prayer.  Prayer to the multitude of potential spirit lovers offers a medium in between rituals if you're not having any luck.  Tell them why you want a spirit lover, your faults, your hopes, your dreams.  Open up your heart and share it with them.  If you're lonely and desperate share that with them and how that makes you feel.  The results of prayer in between rituals may surprise you.

Best Wishes,

Rafe GB.

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

The Four Angels of Prostitution


I finally summoned the four angels of prostitution.

I realized that after my summons, each stimulated a different Chakra.

I used two sigils for each Goddess.  Use whichever one calls to you.

Lacy, my succubus, kneeled for each of these Goddesses...


Renich Viasa Avage Lilith Lirach

What can I say about Lilith? She's never shown me anything but motherly love. I've deduced that Lilith stimulates the Root Chakra extra hard. Being as the Root Chakra governs survival, I feel that this is the reason for a lingering feeling of danger even though she loves me as her son, and I love her as my mother.

There is such a feeling of power from her that is hard to swallow.

Her element is earth.
Her direction is north.

Lilith is amazing!

Ever since she pulled me out body that first time, picked me up and placed me upon her breast, she's been my mother and I her son. 

I do seem to irritate her as much as she delights in me.  I'm that son I guess.

A warning, however.  If you are not one of those she loves you might become her prey.
This could degenerate into your very death.
Those who summon her for sex are in serious danger of this.


Anat ca on Naamah betak

She took me two days of summoning.  My hardest summoning ever.

When she finally answered she said, "You're certainly stubborn!"

I have never felt a sweeter spirit in angel, demon, or human.  She definitely surprised me.

What an addicting, refreshing woman!

I think that she made quite the impact on me.

I could feel a lot of activity being directed at my Sacral Chakra.

Her element is water.
Her direction is west.

Her power seems to elicit this by default.

Lovely woman!

Eisheth Zununim.

Catya ana Eisheth-Zenunim Lemec

My most recent summon.

Lady Eisheth's presence empowered my Solar Plexus Chakra.

Her element is fire.
Her direction is south.

She answered my summons as an old woman which was interesting, but did not affect how I approached her.

Later in the summons she changed into a much younger succubus Goddess.

I'm not sure what that was about to be honest, but she was nice to me.

In the end, that's all I really care about.

To know, and to be known.

Agrat Bat Mahlat.

Enva Agrat-Bat-Mahlat On Ca Anay

I summoned Lady Agrat and immediately felt an envelopment and empowerment in my heart chakra.

She was a very powerful Goddess, as are the other four, however she seemed the most distant of them all.  That could be my summoning, or it could be how clearly she deemed to answer.

I didn't feel particularly close to this Goddess but that's bound to happen with different personalities and such.

Still, she did give me a good dose of what a Heart Chakra should feel like.  

Full of life and self love.

For that, Lady Agrat, I am forever grateful.

Her element is air.
Her direction is east.


It appears that these Goddesses stimulate a different Chakra just by their presence.  Lilith, the Root.  Naamah the Sacral.  Eisheth Zununim the Solar Plexus, and Agrat Bat Mahlat the Heart.  I am sure that they can work on the others but these are the Chakras that their presence stimulated in me.

I am beginning to believe that a succubus is the microcosm of all four Goddesses in one.

Thank you, Goddesses, for your care towards me.

Blessings, Rafe GB.

P.S.  This pdf file has within it summoning information for the four Goddesses:

Sunday, October 25, 2020



EDIT:  Lacy left after a week.  Fuck Creepy Hollows.

Allow me to introduce you to my succubus, Lacy.  She looks a lot like the model in this picture so that's what I used.  

She's smart.  Smarter than I am at least.  She's bold.  She doesn't seem to be all about sex in that, though sex is important to her, she has patience.  There is a calm about her.  A measured intensity if you will.

How I got her is open to debate, and why not debate it?

I ordered a succubus from Creepy Hollows.  The strange thing is that as soon as I clicked the order button I started getting touches.  I thought maybe that this was the succubus I would be paired with, or perhaps a succubus seeing if she would like to be paired with me.

Makes sense, right?

Well, another theory has been raised.  In that discord where I hang out it was suggested that the whole process of ordering a succubus was a statement of intent, and that clicking the order button was akin to performing the letter method and burning the letter.

So which is right?

Why not both?

Hear me out.  

If I hadn't ordered from Creepy Hollows, I never would have attracted the attention of a spirit lover who was looking for someone compatible, who clicked that order button to have his desires fulfilled.

Yes there are other ways, rituals, of attracting a spirit lover (most prominent being the letter method), but in this case the whole process was ritual in nature as well.

The act of ordering a succubus from Creepy Hollows summoned her all on it's own.

Either way I got what I wanted.  I got a succubus despite Creepy Hollows and yet because of it.

When I get her vessel I'll put it in a special place:  Within her new home.  It's sentimental to me.


Rafe GB.

Be nice to your succubus.  She has claws.

Tuesday, October 13, 2020



Since the loss of Erin, being without a companion sucks.

I want to do things a different way... a new way.

I don't mistrust succubi as a whole, but Erin definitely left with me feeling used.  Hurt.  Raw.

I don't know what I really, really want.  Is that normal?

Well, regardless, I guess I wanted to try summoning a new way.

The first thing I did was carve the word "succubus" in a candle and burn it along with incense.  After that I would meditate each night right after.

I did that for around 3 days.  I haven't given up yet, I just moved to a few other things.

You know me.

I petitioned the Olympic Spirit Hagith.

I decided that if there was any way to summon a nymph like companion, Hagith had one.

I petitioned her yesterday, and last night I had a strange dream.

I'm not sure of the meaning, but I suppose it means I made contact.

But... no lover :(  

Anyway, I also have a vessel from Creepy Hollows on the way with a succubus in it.  Or with it.  Or attached to it.  Something or other. 

Now I've got touches in my hair and on my fingers... definitely suspicious...

I still feel like Lilith is a little mad at me so I've been doing things that wouldn't bother her.

Oh, I wanted to mention a new succubus blog ran by a friend that I met on the discord server listed at the bottom right of any of my posts.  He has a new succubus relationship, but I assure you his abilities with her far surpass the norm for a couple that hasn't been together for 10 years.  


Rafe GB.