Saturday, March 12, 2016

Summoning Ritual, Part 3

Without much pause, I want to cover a bit more about summoning.  I'm not known for my tact so I want to get very real with you and discuss some things with you, the potential summoner.

What is your motive?

I love women.  I don't want them as lovers here on this plane.  That does not mean I do not love them.

In fact, I adore them and I celebrate them for who they are.  My first Patroness is Lady Aphrodite, my 2nd is Lady Selene (with her being a Triumvirate Goddess there are two other aspects of Her:  Lady Hecate and Lady Artemis).  I was highly attracted to their stories throughout Greek mythology.  They continue to be a part of my life (and something tells me that I amuse them to no end) as even now I still read all I can about them.

I love women in a myriad of other ways:  Goddesses, priestesses (my former mentor was a high priestess with 2 covens she had seeded), other mentors, mothers, teachers, peers, friends, sisters, daughters, coworkers, people on the street.  You get the idea.

I'm the kind of lover that never dies.  What I mean is it's soulmate or nothing.  That's hard to require of anyone in this world today and does not really even compute in our western culture (which I think is a shame and I believe succubi feel the same way).

With a succubus it has been as if a part of my life was completed like a puzzle.  The missing piece fell into place seemlessly.  The intensity of our relationship is a perfect fit for my soul and for what it hungers for that cannot be fulfilled "here".

So why am I even talking about this?

Because a succubus is 1,000% concentrated woman.  If you don't like women don't summon a succubus.

If a man hates women (and females in general) yet summons a succubus (and one shows) she will love tormenting the shit out of him and destroy him.

If a woman hates men (and men in general) yet summons an incubus (and one shows), an incubus is plotting and planning to teach her a lesson.  He will.

There is no "if", but "when".

They will fuck you up to teach you a lesson and some will crush you in the process.  You'll either be left unstable and destroy yourself, or you'll perceive with new eyes.

Or perhaps allowed a transformation of your own hatred with a change of heart.  The latter is only if you attract one who takes it upon herself to teach you some tough love for your own good.

I wouldn't bet on those odds, however.

Some want a succubus or incubus because of great difficulty connecting with an earthy partner for whatever reason (disablility, etc.), however a strong desire for a lasting love burns within their hearts.

This is a valid reason and is most welcome.

Another is one who is very unlucky in love but wants to love and be loved desperately.  It may not always be the case that they "attract who they are" in a way that is obvious.  They will, but I believe some are just destined to attract a succubus in life:  They just don't know it yet.

Succubi are wonderful teachers about all aspects of love.  Tranforming us to be able to experience love in both giving and receiving is one of their joys.

As far as succubi go, desperate is ok.  Being desperate for love doesn't go over well in the physical world does it?  Succubi aren't turned off by that in the slightest.  It's an open invitation.

Those who wish to have a sexual and romantic relationship but continually fail are also perfect.

Those who are very spiritual and have giving hearts are perfect (and people wonder why succubi love monestaries.  It's not to torment them:  The succubi WANT them)... a sexually frustrated, highly spiritual person in a monestary is like catnip :P

Another reason are those, like me, who asked once upon a time, "Is this all there is?"

Succubi always adore an open and willing student, and love to teach the answers to these kinds of questions through mutual exploration of mind, body, and spirit.

Many summoners become more desirable after a succubus begins to commune with them.  I'm not sure if it's the energy exchange or the glamour effects of a succubus, or perhaps it's the confidence that they bring in that we are completely accepted by one who loves us so strongly.

Some succubi don't mind a human partner coming into your life because of this:  Some will just coexist (better make sure she is #1 though if the succubus came first), some will enjoy both of you, some will bring along a brother for the girlfriend.  Her dreams will become more... 50 shades of grey.

But some succubi do mind and will fuck up the human partner (if you wanted an exclusive relationship with your succubus and later recanted when a human partner came around, that could be a very real response).  This is something that you will decide during the intent phase of summoning.

As a general rule, if you get to see other people, she gets to bang others too.

Sorry, fair is fair :P

Regardless, succubi are full of passion in all things, especially their thoughts, emotions and feelings.

Succubi and Incubi aren't pets.  As soon as you think they are your pet you will discover a metaphorical collar around your neck connected to a very short leash.

Believe it.

However, if you respect her, if you are of the mindset that men and women were born to love each other sans all the gender politics, gender war, gender bullshit... and adore her for the woman she is, a succubus will help teach you whatever it is you need as gently, or as strongly as you need.  They become as gentle as a kitten.

We attract what we are.

So many men and women wonder why they keep ending up with the same kind of sad stories, and terrible romantic attachments.  Look within.  The answer is always within.  Law of attraction.  All that bullshit about the Secret and the billion other knockoffs?  Well, here's one place where it applies:

You attract who you are.

Want to change that?  Ahhh....

Now you're speaking the language of the succubi.  In this regard, they will treat you as a fairy lovingly tends her garden.  You're the garden :)

You see, you'll attracther with who you WILL be.  Or who you are TRYING to be, or who you WANT to be.  You just don't know it yet but they do.  And they will help change you.  That's a bit hard to swallow or explain but it is what it is for now.

One thing I can say for sure is that succubi read minds.  They know your thoughts, your desires, your heart, your soul... you're an open book.  You cannot fool a succubus.  It's just not possible.

Surrendering to the understanding that you cannot is liberty.  It allows you to quit worrying about your random thoughts and to enjoy learning about each other without worrying about stupid shit you are thinking all the time.

They sure as fuck don't.  We're human:  They know.

You see, in magick I have learned that magick takes the path of least resistance a hell of a lot like electricity does.

If in magick it's easier for a ritual to bring you what you ask in whatever way the universe decides to do so, it will.

If in magick it's easier for a ritual to change you to be in line with receiving however the universe answers, it will.

And in most cases it will do both at the exact same time like a stroke of lighting in the form of coincidence and synchonicity.

I have a theory that a succubus comes who is most vibrationally like your anima, or your female subconscious (for a female, an incubus most like your male animus).

Change yourself, change your world.

Think on these things and do the prep work provided.  You will receive results, or you will be changed to be more in line to receive results.  Probably both.

The desire to change one's self from what one was is music to the ears of a succubus.  The reason is they are "all in" when they choose.  They want to be able to experience ever more of "you", and they want you to experience ever more of "them".

In this they are almost angelic.  Bright, beautiful, loving, gentle.  It's just wonderful for both of you.

In this music video (The song's lyrics I love... and they very aptly describe becoming part of the phenomena and spiritual family of those who already have spirit lovers) the idea I want you to understand is that of death.

In changing ourselves, a part of us dies.  The old.  Think of this video in terms of an end to the old you and the beginning of the new.

Let the lyrics tell you of a greater truth than what is spoken.

I know I have painted a very alarming picture of succubi throughout this series.  I just want those who are considering summoning one to know both sides of it.  Succubi are both dark and light, and their personalities are wide in spectum, not like ours.  Ours are more rigidly defined.  They are rather a wildcard.  Part angel, part demon, part kitten, part wildcat.

I wouldn't want it any other way.




  1. Wow Rafe... so much too read in such shorttime... take a break ;)

    But i have to step into this one: "Succubi are both dark and light, and their personalities are wide in spectum, not like ours. "

    Sure succubi are dark and light, that's not the point. The Point is - we humans can also change our personalities. When i see a certain customer calls im in a state of anger (cuz its an annoying one) or im relaxed if its another one.

    I think i know what you try to say, we humans lack of the ability to see the whole picture. Maybe most of the time we don't know ourselves.

    There is much to discover and i hope that our partner/companions will discover all this with us together :)

    1. I'm gonna wait a few before I post again.

      I was on a roll :P

      I know I'm being pretty extreme in describing succubi and incubi in this series of posts. I'm trying to disuade people without an open mind, or those who think that having one around would be a novelty, or those who think they will dominate a succubus, and that she'll be like a slave or a pet at the summoner's command.

      An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, or so they say :P

      But yeah, they are more like us personality wise than unlike us.

  2. Anyone how treat a living being like a pet or slave deserves the reactions :)